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3 Easy Ways to Workout With Your Dog

Do you have a dog? Do you bring your dog on walks or just let them out in the backyard? If you have an English Bulldog like me, you know how difficult it is to get them up and exercising. They are super lazy and sometimes I feel like we are the same! Ha ha!

Recently, I have been trying to incorporate all family members in walks around the neighborhood after dinner. Since having a yard at my house, it has been easier to just be lazy and not hold myself accountable for going walking or hiking. It is very easy to be lazy when you are not focusing on being fit.

Having a English Bulldog, our dog tends to get fat. He is lazy and doesn’t do well in heat so he does not like to walk. Like I mentioned, I have fallen into this spell as well! But this past month, we have made it a point to go for a walk every night at least a mile. Myself, my husband, my daughter and Caesar (our dog) walk the mile route everyday after dinner. This has helped us to bond as a family, be more active, and get everyone up and moving. What about other puppies? Well, if you love Pitbulls, know that they are great family pets too, just like English Bulldogs. Start your search now for pitbull puppies for sale.

Without even really knowing it, this can benefit everyone, especially if you usually just let your dog out in the backyard (guilty). Take a look at some really other activities that you can do with your dog to get both of your exercise in everyday!

Not sure how to workout with your dog? We have some suggestions for you and your family to start getting back in shape with your furry friend.

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Jennifer is the owner of TWL Working Moms. She is a full time teacher, a mom & step mom, and NBCT Facilitator. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, listening to books and drinking coffee.

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  1. My husband and I often took family walks with our boys…now they are taking family walks with their kids and spouses. It truly is a great way to bond-no cell phones allowed on the walk!

  2. My 2-year old Mini Bernedoodle pup is the pure love. She follows me everywhere and literally accompany me while I do my routine workouts and walks. We go for long walks, exercise, swimming, and everything else I do. She likes swimming a lot and after we swim for a 30-40 minutes, she gets a very peaceful sleep, in fact she sleeps like a log then.

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