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3 Excellent Reasons To Go To Sesame Street Live

Did you love Sesame Street when you were little? I might be dating myself but I used to watch it in the 80’s and it was the best show around. It’s amazing that we can now share this experience with our children. Sesame Street Live is coming to Spokane, Washington the weekend of December 6th! Here’s why you should go see Sesame Street live!


Interactive Show

To begin, when you have young kids, the best part about going out to a show is when it is interactive. Going to a show and having it be interactive is a sure way to keep kids involved and entertained. So knowing that you are going to an event that you kids will love sets mamas at ease! It’s never fun to drag kids through a performance. Rest assured, that will not happen! Just take a look at our video to see what you have to look forward to.


Interactive shows are great for kids because they can feel like they are apart of the show. Kids are able to get up and dance, sing along with the songs and smile the entire way. Sesame Street does a great job teaching lessons throughout their shows so watch for the lessons they are teaching your kids today!


Great music!

Not only is the show amazing, but it also has great music too for your kiddos to sing along with. Get up out of your seats and jump around for Sesame Street! The show is funny, has all the amazing characters from the TV show and they are ready to party!

Learn new songs and sing along to familiar favorites with Oscar and Cookie Monster; build a snowman with Elmo; flap your wings with Big Bird; marvel at Abby’s magic; be amazed when Super Grover flies, and move to the rhythm with Rosita. You would be amazing by what kids remember from watching their shows on TV!

Fun for the whole family

Lastly, Sesame Street Live is fun for the entire family! With all of the fun and singing, everyone can enjoy their time together. They have a great story line that kids of all ages can follow. All ages are welcome. Sometimes taking a toddler or infant out is hard for parents. This is going to be your place! As a parent, I know the struggles of locations and babies crying. Because of the color costumes and the great songs, this is even a great show for infants. Even if they can’t participate, to just watch and hear the songs is perfect. Don’t exclude yourselves because of infants! This is an amazing family event for everyone.


Final thoughts

Hopefully you have seen the light and are ready to get your tickets now! Sesame Street Live will be in Spokane, WA on December 8, 2019! Get your tickets now and don’t miss this amazing opportunity. What a great holiday gift for you to get for your children or grandchildren. Make it a fun family event and bring all the cousins too!


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