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6 Pack of Abs? Let’s Talk About a 6 Pack of Wealth

The It Coni6 Pack of Abs? Let’s talk about a 6 Pack of Wealth too! Does a 6 Pack of Abs picture come into your mind right away? Did you sigh with relief when you realized the post is about money? When someone brings up money, do you get excited or afraid? What is the first thought or feeling you have right after you think about money? What if you started to pay attention to your thoughts about wealth more often? Imagine, how your feelings about wealth would change.

I hope to help you create a life and business you love, as well as get a 6 Pack of Wealth. Will it happen overnight? No. Did the money mess, chaos, and scarcity happen overnight? No. So, why do we think we may get to financial freedom overnight? We will get there step by step with consistent action.

Isn’t it interesting things like figuring out who you are, an incredible family and creating what you love take time? Do you find yourself persisting in the midst of challenges to financial freedom or do you quit after trying a new habit two to three times?


6 Pack of Wealth

A 6 Pack of wealth may set you up for success with your wealth. Do you experience not enough? Is it a constant source of stress for you? How do you talk about money? What actions do you take? Are you facing fears head-on or do you run from them? Does your family have financial freedom?

Consider your experiences with money are from childhood. This is a great place to start to get to the root of mental health, family trends and wealth. Did you see and hear actions of abundance or scarcity with wealth?  Are there memories you have from the past that connect wealth with fear?

These are important things to think about with your thoughts, words, and deeds. Many people today live life stuck recreating the past over and over. Is that your story with wealth? What about your time? Do you do what you love to create wealth?  A great next step is evaluating the average amount of money you make in a year for the last 3 years.


Manage Your Money

How do you manage the money you have? Do you practice gratitude for what you do have? Are you practicing contentment? Do you exercise self-discipline and tell yourself no? Are you excited every day about how you are creating? Do you take action towards creating a life and business you love with the community?

For some of you, you do not like me right now. You are feeling all kinds of negative thoughts. Perhaps, by now you’ve even moved on from this post. You don’t want to grow or face yourself.

You already take steps with financial education and you are determined to be financially free. Keep going. With that attitude, you will be. Don’t let anyone stop you. Not even you.


Money Statistics

Did you know the majority of Americans are one paycheck away from financial disaster?

According to Market Watch, most Americans are one paycheck from being homeless. The average family makes about $74,000 and shells out $57,000. Transforming isn’t easy. It is worth it.


Gratitude for What You Do Have

It’s important to be grateful for the money you have. Do you respect money? Are you training money like a muscle? How are you faithfully giving, saving, investing, leveraging, creating and spending what you DO have? Perhaps, you don’t really believe you may have financial freedom and your 6 Pack of Wealth?


A Wake-Up Call with Wealth

I am here to WAKE YOU UP like I wish someone did for me years ago. I will do my best to create, transform and inspire you to MOVE.  This is YOUR life, not mine. You GET to choose if YOU show up for YOUR life. You are the ONLY one who is with YOU 24 hours a day. Are YOU your own best friend or worst enemy? YOU decide.


Transformation Story

I get it. I feel like I have lived countless experiences in life and with money. I’m sure just like you. Please know that my intention is to move you and never to judge you. It is my hope that you transform your mindset, money, and legacy.

In many ways, I feel like my “transformation story” is only beginning. Know that all of these mindsets impacted what I did, who I did it with, and my wealth. I am sure your mindset does too. This journey gives me massive relatability to millions, if not billions of people as well.


My Before Story with Wealth

My Before:

  • Experiencing instability with finances as a child
  • Choosing work with roles and industries I didn’t love
  • Generating 6–8+ figure results annually for others
  • Serving entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies
  • Getting promoted regularly every year or so or leaving
  • Handing fraud, waste, abuse cases recovering millions
  • Creating partially and scarcely in what I did love
  • Being a side hustle queen until 8+ years ago
  • Overspending money for years while I did what I didn’t love
  • Giving fully of time in areas I didn’t love and scarcely in those I did
  • Saving little to no money for years and increasing the debt to impress the “Joneses”
  • Decreasing investing in my own personal education for years
  • Fearful of creating a community with like-minded individuals


My After Story With Wealth

  • Creating what I love step by step with lifestyle, transformation, entrepreneurship
  • Choosing to innovate and create with intention and action consistently
  • Aligning to being, feeling, and doing what I love how I love all the time
  • Innovating and creating strategy, structure, and systems to make money
  • Setting a clear profit path from freebies to courses to events for financial freedom
  • Executing on marketing and media with the community with influencers and outlets
  • Going all in, in every way on creating time, location, and financial freedom
  • Investing in countless teachers — with Herbalife Nutrition, Dani Johnson, Dave Ramsey, Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, Rachel Hollis, Strategic Coach, Bo Eason to name a few
  • Creating a community in each and every way online and live and growing exponentially

Full disclaimer: I am not yet financially free. I have consequences and circumstances that I am dealing with too.

The same way that I transformed each and every area of life in mindset, health, wealth, business, time, location, I know that I will get to financial freedom. The goal is May 2022 and I repeat it daily. I encourage you to do the same.


Current Status of Your 6 Pack of Wealth

What is the current status of your 6 Pack of Wealth?

Do you give regularly?

Are you saving consistently?

How do you consistently leverage?

Is your spending under control?

What are you creating to build your business?

These are the behaviors I call the 6 Pack of Wealth. I’ve learned one of the most powerful mindsets we have as humans is to turn pain into purpose.

In my own journey, I’ve learned its important to initially focus on 1–2 habits to make momentum monthly. This helps us get and keep results over time. It is similar to transforming your health with results showing up over time.



Spending uncovers many of our inner and outer issues with money. Get honest with yourself on how regularly you look at your bank account. What percentage do you spend in different areas? Do you have accountability? Are you improving? How do you track spending daily?

This is where I started in 2011. I started by taking a Financial Peace University class. Perhaps, you want to consider taking some steps in improving your spending too. Our weakest areas usually need the most tender loving care. I am aware that in our weakest areas we get to invest more time and accountability to get and keep results. A great tool is Mint helping spending habits.

6 Pack of Wealth
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash


We get what we focus on. If you want to create a 6 Pack of Wealth and financial freedom it starts and stays in the mind. We may all point to people who have money and yet don’t have freedom.

Giving shows matching faith with focus. I am deeply passionate as well about helping end homelessness, end cancer, help vets and battered women.

I would urge you to consider your current habits. Are they working for you? Do you have financial freedom? Perhaps, its time to be and do something differently. Think about what touches your heart and how you could make a difference in the lives of others.



Saving isn’t something that most of us grew up with. The same way you give 10%, what if you started practicing saving 10% of what you earned or received? Imagine how quickly you could save for a vacation, your business, or a home? What if you practice putting yourself first too?

You could start with 1-3% first. Another way to get great at this habit is by using a tool like Acorns to save that makes it automatic.



Investing your wealth may be a number of different things. This could be investing in a new book, course or event to help you grow. It could mean investing in your business and your team. The possibilities of investing are endless. A great practice is to set aside 10% of your income to invest as well.

The key is to simply start. How could you grow in investing in yourself, your business, and/or your team next?



Leveraging your wealth could tie into finding ways and tools to leverage your time and money. You may see how investing and leverage overlaps. This may involve investing in teams and technology that help you leverage your time and technology. This could include paying off existing debt as well.

I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with Baby Step 2 focusing on the debt snowball to remove the shackles of debt.



Creating is often the first behavior that triggers the rest of the behaviors of the 6 Pack of Wealth. It is important to assess the other behaviors in the 6 Pack of Wealth currently. Consider how you could share your passions, your purpose and create online courses, events, and retreats perhaps. How could you serve more people online and live?

Creating wealth often brings up mental health issues centered around our identity, faith, and behaviors around if we may create wealth doing what we love.


Let’s Talk About 6 Pack of Wealth

The 6 Pack of Wealth will help you transform your mindset with money. Pick an area to focus on to start for the next 30 days. Maybe the next step for you is saving a percentage of your income.

Whatever the next step is for you, set up tracking and tools to help you get and keep results.The important thing is to never give up on your own transformation in wealth.

You are capable of transforming your family tree with your wealth. Make a decision to never quit no matter what obstacles come your way. If you love personal development, check out this post on ways to transform and travel.



This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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