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5 Common Questions to Ask About Breast Reduction Surgery

Many patients will go into a plastic surgery procedure worried and concerned about what they’re about to go through. You’re likely to be in the same boat when you have questions to ask about your breast reduction surgery. It’s a common way to feel for many people. 

There are many reasons you may choose to go through with breast reduction surgery. Whether it’s because you feel uncomfortable about the size, are conscious about others when they look at them or it’s causing you severe back problems and feel going through with the surgery might help. There can be benefits to having the surgery.

If it’s your first time going through with a surgical procedure, you may be apprehensive about how it’ll feel and if you’ll be able to endure the pain. Luckily, many practices have consultations which are appointments that you have with your chosen surgeon before going ahead with the procedure. Here, they can inform you about what will happen before during and after the procedure. 

It’s also a chance for you to express any questions that you have. There are 5 questions, in particular, that will help inform your decision and put you more at ease before the surgery.

It can be scary to go through plastic surgery. Here are 5 common questions to ask about breast reduction surgery to put you at better ease.

5 common questions to ask about breast reduction surgery


Am I suitable for breast reduction surgery?

One of the common questions to ask about breast reduction surgery before you even begin is whether the doctor feels you’re actually suitable for the surgery in the first place. 

You’d want the surgery to be easy for the surgeon so there’s less risk of something bad happening. So if he feels you’re a suitable body type to perform the procedure on, it’s likely to put everyone in the room at ease. If you’re not, be sure to ask your surgeon how you can improve on this before the surgery is conducted.


How do I prepare for the surgery?

During a breast reduction surgery, your health and how you’re feeling will be the main concern for everybody involved in the surgery. Reducing risk as much as possible will be the priority. Therefore, they’ll be more than likely to cover this question in the consultation but there’s still no harm in asking if it hasn’t been covered already. 

From asking this, you’re likely to be given a guide on your lifestyle, exercise and habits and it’ll be discussed if any of these would need to change before your surgery takes place. Discussing these points will also make the surgery go far smoother, making it easier for everyone.


How does the procedure work?

You’re going to be intrigued about what will be happening on the surgery table considering the surgeon will be cutting away at parts of your body. It’s your body after all, so you’ll want to know what’s happening. The surgeon will be able to take you through all the steps of what would be expected of the procedure and how they actually look to reduce your breasts.

The surgeon taking you through the steps will also give you the reassurance that they know what they’re doing. As a result, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing that the surgery will be going the way you want.


What ways can I care for the scars?

In all forms of surgery you will adopt scars from where the incisions have taken place. It’s important that the scars are well looked after and don’t cause you more trouble or pain than they need to. So, another one of the question to ask about breast reduction surgery is what would be the best ways to care for the scars. 


How long will it take for me to recover?

Probably one of the most common questions to ask from all of them. It’s likely you’ll be extremely eager to get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible shortly after your breast reduction. However, it will take time for the recovery to occur as it won’t be an overnight process and you’ll need to take the relevant steps that can help aid your recovery process along the way.

How long you take to recover will also be dependable on your current lifestyle, how your body shape was before the surgery and how you look after yourself once the surgery has been completed. It’s important to stay rested and eat well to prevent further delays in your recovery.


Have questions to ask about breast reduction to better inform your decision

It’s always important to ask questions if you ever feel uncomfortable or worried in any form of life. Plastic surgery is a big step in your life, so it’s a decision that should require plenty of thought before making the final one.

By asking as many questions as possible, the answers to them help better inform your final decision and feel safer with what you choose.


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