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7 Fun Outdoor Adventures Whole Family Can Enjoy

Getting children to go outside and get active can be pretty difficult. This is especially true with tweens and teens who’d much rather play video games or spend time on their phones. But, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t fun outdoor adventures your entire family can enjoy.

These 7 outdoor adventures are perfect for kids of all ages, as they’re relatively easy to do. Most don’t require large investments or equipment you may not already have. Why not give them a try and see how it goes!

Explore this 7 outdoor adventures activities which you can enjoy with your whole family. Have a fun with family for hours or days.

1. Hiking

outdoor hiking for the family

There are a few good reasons why hiking is such a popular pastime of families around the world. It’s cheap, easily accessible anywhere, doesn’t require much equipment, and easy trails can fit all age groups. Plus, it’s something you can do all year round, regardless of where you live.

Choose to go to a nearby national park or the closest trail to your home. Because you decide how much you’ll walk, you can plan a whole or half-day adventure. Pack a picnic and some insect repellent, and you’re good to go. Do remember, however, that it’s best to start short, especially if you’re going with smaller kids.


2. Paddle-boarding

Stand up paddle-boarding is a water sport that’s becoming increasingly popular around the world. And with good reason. It’s easy, fun, and it can be a segue into other fantastic activities, such as surfing, wakeboarding, or even canoeing.

There are a few basic rules you should stick to if you’ve never done this type of activity before:

  • Choose a calm water location
  • Buy or rent the right board
  • Use a SUP leash
  • Use safety swimming gear

If you follow these tips, you’re sure to have a great time (and possibly even find a new hobby).

3. Beach activities

beach activities for the whole family

A visit to the beach is an awesome way to spend a summer day, both with young and old kids. If there’s one nearby to where you live, you can make a day trip out of a visit. Aside from splashing in the water, you can build sandcastles, comb for shells, or just sit back and relax with a book.

Make sure to keep sun protection in mind. Prepare sunglasses, hats, protective clothing, and sunscreen for the whole family. It’s also not a bad idea to check the forecast for UV ratings to ensure you’re not exposing yourself to harmful rays. If possible, choose a location with natural greenery where you can relax between 11 am and 3 pm. That’s when the sun tends to be the strongest.

4. Cycling

This is another great activity for the entire family. Most people already own a bicycle, but even if you don’t, you can rent one relatively cheaply. Older kids who have already mastered the skill will love having the chance to practice. Younger ones can use training wheels, or they can hitch a ride on a seat that attaches to your bike.

Depending on your location and preferences, you might choose an easy ride on flat terrain or opt for a mountain trail adventure. Either way, make sure you’re wearing plenty of sunscreens, a helmet, and protective pads.



5. Mini golf

mini golf with the family

Looking for something less time-consuming? Why not a short mini golf session?

This is an activity that both small and big kids will love. Plus, if you’re an avid golfer, it can be an amazing introduction to the real thing. It’s a great way to engage in friendly competition and soak up some sun while you’re at it.


6. Horseback riding

This may not be an option for everyone, but it’s a good one to try if you get the chance. Kids will certainly love it. It can also be a fun way to teach them about the responsibilities of caring for an animal. Overall, horseback riding is an excellent way to get some exercise, as well as to reduce stress and improve focus.



7. Camping

camping with the whole family

Most families with little children tend to stay away from camping, finding it too messy and uncomfortable. But you can actually pull it off, as long as you know how to prepare.

Still, if you want to spend a night under the stars, you don’t have to go far. You can even camp out in your own backyard.

This is an excellent activity for those who want to get away from computer and phone screens or simply enjoy some quality time together. However, you’ll need serious equipment. Make sure you’re prepared for all scenarios, including worsening weather conditions and boredom.



Final tip

Whichever of these adventures you decide to try out, it’s important that you honor everyone’s wishes. That’s why our final tip is to take the time and plan your activities together. This way, the whole family will have the chance to get excited about spending time outside. Most importantly, you won’t have to deal with cranky kids refusing to cooperate. Plus, you might find that your children have pretty amazing ideas for fun outdoor adventures of their own.



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  1. You’ve got a lot of our favorites on the list. I think the only thing we haven’t done as a family is paddle boarding!

  2. These are all great things to do as a family. I love getting outdoors and spending quality time together. We enjoy many of these already, like camping and hiking.

  3. Beach activities and hiking are our most loved activities to do with kids, other tips are just amazing.

  4. Hi Hannah, this was a great read. I am going to list down a few activities from here. It’s been a long time that we as a family have gone out for a fun-filled day. Planning to take the kids out this coming weekend.

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