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How to Manage a Work-Life Balance as a Physician

Are you a physician whose work-life balance is getting out of hand? Leading the life of a full-time physician is undoubtedly exhausting work. You’re constantly under stress; the hours are long, you have barely any time to sleep, eat, or spend time with your family. Thanks to this frantic schedule that many physicians adhere to, striking a work-life balance is very difficult.


Luckily, you can simplify some of your worries by using technology to your advantage to optimize your daily workflow and make tasks run more efficiently. If you’re not making the full advantage of technology to simplify your life, today’s article will be beneficial for you.

Are you a physician whose work-life balance is getting out of hand? If you’re not taking advantage of technology to simplify life, here's how.

Rely on Technology

One of the first things that you need to do if you’re a technophobe is to get rid of your irrational fear of technology. While over-reliance on technology can be harmful, using the right tools and right devices can benefit you a lot. So, start depending on technology a bit more using the right tools, and you will find that life is a lot easier. This EHR for private practice can transform the typical operations in the facility, cutting down on admin tasks and speeding procedures and jobs up using advanced software. This might only seem like a small step, but the time saved will be enormous in the long run.


There are many apps for physicians out on the Google Play Store and Apple Store that allow you to perform a wide range of activities that are important to a physician’s practice. Start by using apps to streamline your routines and appointments, using online forums and platforms to seek advice from fellow colleagues, and keeping yourself updated on the latest trends and discoveries in your field of expertise.


Billing Upgrade

Assuming that you run a private practice, one of the biggest headaches is handling all of the bills. Bills (both incoming and outgoing) are what keeps a business running, but with all the pressure, sometimes you might forget some of the steps. To reduce this stressful aspect of your business, consider getting a billing software upgrade using NextGen reporting.


Billing software brings a lot of benefits to the table from smoothing your billing systems to tracking and benchmarking billing reports round the clock and on schedule. The software streamlines all your bills together and gives you the accurate numbers as well as the dates when they’re due. You’d be surprised how much stress this can remove from your life just by getting a billing upgrade.


Set Boundaries

One of the most important things that many physicians lose track of as they delve deep in their career is personal boundaries. Given the hectic schedule that most physicians have to follow before switching to private practice, losing the sense of self is nothing uncommon. But unless you’re ready to set boundaries in your life again, you will never be able to strike a symbiotic work-life balance.


Prioritize the people and things in your life that are important and take time off to pursue those priorities. You don’t always have to make everyone happy, a fact many physicians forget. Don’t let friends or colleagues push you into doing things for them regularly, as it exhausts your emotions and mental strength. Setting up healthy boundaries also helps you get proper rest, which is very important considering that you’re responsible for the health of others.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI in the medical industry started becoming commonplace in the late 1990s, and today it’s application in the industry has reached new heights. Many experts are predicting that AI will bring the next big leap in medical technology.


Currently, there are AI’s that can diagnose patients with pinpoint accuracy, then develop treatment plans and medicines, personalizing individual patient treatment based on diagnosis. AI can even help edit human gene maps. Diagnosis capabilities of AI include predicting strokes and heart attacks based on CT scan data, identify skin lesions from images, find indicators of diabetic retina therapy, and more.


All of these applications are just the tip of the iceberg in what makes AI genuinely fascinating in the medical industry.


Work More Hours On-Call

While it might seem like a no brainer, many physicians make the common mistake of working too many hours off-call. You can complete a good bulk of your work with a phone call, but it can be a bit tricky to take advantage of it if you’re stuck in an extended schedule. When you are working more hours on-call, you can find some time to take a breather to calm down and refresh yourself a bit.


‘Doctor Heal Thyself First’

When you can’t strike a good work-life balance in your life, it starts affecting your mental and physical health. As a physician, you definitely cannot afford to let this happen. So start a good work-life balance in your life today if you feel like there is too much imbalance and bring some harmony in your life.


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