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9 Legit Reasons Working Moms Need a House Cleaner

Now more than ever are women and mothers, in particular, empowered to pursue a career.

Being a mother doesn’t mean that they can’t pursue a career. At the same time, wanting to have a career doesn’t mean you can’t start building and have a family of your own.

Of course, this choice is now much more acceptable than it was before. Nonetheless, being a working mom is still quite a challenge. The balancing of housework, family bonding time, and the pursuit of a career is difficult, to say the least.

With that in mind, there are certain areas where you can learn how to compromise and ask for help. Cleaning your home thoroughly is a heavy task. It will help a lot of working moms if they decide to hire a house cleaning service.

Below are some reasons working moms should consider hiring a house cleaning service.


Is cleaning the house the last thing you want to do on your day off? Below are some reasons working moms should consider hiring a house cleaning service.

You’re busy with family and work

Juggling your family life as well as your career is tough enough as it is. If you have to worry about how to clean up your home, deep clean certain areas, and more, then you might just explode from the stress you’ve put on yourself.

In the day-to-day cleanliness, it’s likely that you are responsible for that as well. Hiring someone else, a professional at that, to do the heavy-duty cleaning sessions isn’t something to feel guilty about.


So you can enjoy your free time

Whether you’re a regular employee or a freelancer, you likely don’t get much free time. Your free time gets taken up by household concerns, the concerns of your partner, and even the concerns of your children.

Instead of spending that free time scrubbing away at the toilet like Cinderella, use this free time to devote to your hobbies. You can use it to catch up on any TV shows you haven’t had the chance to watch.

Read books. Go on a hike. There is plenty to do in your free time.



So you can remain stress-free

When you’re thoroughly looking at your home to clean it, you’re going to encounter stains that are much more challenging to clean up than your average stain. There are some messes that are likely going to frustrate you and the clean up can get you more stress than planned.

Instead of having to go through that, hiring someone else to take on the job means you won’t have to deal with the frustrations of cleaning the house.


So you can give your body a break

Your body has to work most of the week. After the week is over, you should use this time to recuperate and get your body to rest and relax. Otherwise, you might break down during unexpected and inconvenient times.

Besides, if you take that break, your body will come back even better and you will perform at a higher level. If you spend that break cleaning though, then you might not feel like you rested at all.


Professionals can do a better job

No matter how good you are at cleaning, you’re hardly a professional. A short term rental cleaning service has racked up a lot more experience than you have and they know what to do in the face of all sorts of stains, clutter, mess, and so on.

What’ll happen if you do the cleaning job is you might end up spending a longer time cleaning because you’re cleaning ineffectively and inefficiently.


professional cleaning
Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Professionals have the right equipment

There are some parts of the house that need more than your trusty rag and some soap and water.

Heavy-duty cleaning is not something that you are likely equipped to do. Having a professional do the job means they can clean your house with the right equipment.

At the same time, they will know the precautions of each cleaning equipment that they bring with them. Thus, you need not worry about damages to your property.



So you can come home to a clean place

Nothing feels as good as coming home. It also feels especially good to come home to a house that’s sparkling clean. It’s a refreshing way to come back home and makes you want to stay for a while and truly relax.

What’s great about hiring a house cleaning service is that not only do you come back home to a clean house, but you also are sure that you didn’t do all of the work to get it to that point.



It helps you save money

Getting your home professionally cleaned regularly ensures that appliances and furniture last as long as possible.

Neglect and dirt build-up can cause damages to your items at home. If you don’t get it cleaned regularly, then you might need to spend money on replacements, repairs, and all that.

Besides, you don’t have to keep cleaners in your home. You need only to hire them temporarily.


You can have more time with your family

You rarely get the time to truly have a sit-down with your family. Don’t spend the time you could with your family cleaning your house, even if you repackage it as a bonding moment for your family. Use this time to get out of the house or stay in and watch some movies at home.

Working moms shouldn’t feel guilty about delegating the task of cleaning the house to a house cleaning service. They are professionals so they can do the job faster and more thoroughly than you would. Use this free time to relax and bond with the family instead.

What’s the point of a clean home if you can’t enjoy it anyway? Thus, if your home is in need of a good scrubbing and cleaning, then consider hiring a reputable cleaning company to help you.


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  1. I’m a solo mom of a toddler and I completely agree with this for every reason you gave! I moved to Indonesia from the US so my money would go far enough to hire a full time nanny/house helper.

    I write about being a single mom in Indonesia too: https://teachingwanderlust.com/2018/10/13/settled-in-indonesia/

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