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5 Tips for Pregnant Moms to Hike Successfully

There are already several workouts that have emerged to the market specifically for pregnant women. That is even aside from the traditional pregnant exercises such as yoga, swimming, and walking. Gone are the days that expectant moms are only expected to take it easy and just stay in bed most of the time. Now, to take a walk to the next level might cause your mom or your mother-in-law’s eyebrows to raise. It is the best time to let them know though that hiking even while pregnant is safe and pregnant moms can hike. 

According to babymed.com, hiking, apart from strengthening your leg muscles, also prevents gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. These two are major culprits that have to be consciously avoided during pregnancy.

Hiking is also considered to be a good cardio workout, which later on results to a healthier pregnancy, shorter labor, and quicker delivery. If you feel saddened by the fact that those hiking poles are taking its rest for the moment, then don’t be. Read on below to know more tips on how expectant moms can hike successfully.



Tip #1: Get a go signal from your doctor

When you are pregnant, it isn’t your friends’ opinion nor your husband’s that matters. It is your doctor’s. Therefore, before deciding to go on any activities that would be needing extra effort from you, make sure to always talk to a medical professional first. If you lived an active lifestyle before conceiving, chances are the doctor will give you the go signal with a bit of support. You also have to know if you need to bring any medications with you during the trip, just in case you feel dizzy or the like. It is better to come prepared after all. 


Tip #2: Take a hiking pole or two with you

According to Dr. Amos, again from babymed.com, your hormones never work the way they used to before you got pregnant. Prolactin, for example, is active during pregnancy which results in loosening up your joints. That being said, your balance is expected to be a little off sometimes. Therefore, taking a hiking pole will surely provide you with sufficient support. Moreso, taking two with you. They give you a jumpstart as you go uphill, then take a significant amount of weight or pressure on your knees, legs, and hips making you more stable as you descend.


Tip #3: Dress less

Dressing a little less protects you from feeling too warm from the inside. No matter how cold the weather is outside, you will surely warm up as you do the trail. The thing is, overheating or hyperthermia should be avoided when pregnant. That’s because, if the body’s core temperature increases and went above 101 degrees, studies showed that it may cause defects to the growing baby inside the womb. Defects that may affect the development of the brain, or the spinal cord. This leads to the next tip. 


Tip #4: Hydrate yourself

Another tip to avoid hyperthermia is to hydrate as much as possible. Hydration is important when you’re not pregnant, more so, when you are. Apart from you who needs it, there is also a tiny human being inside you who is waiting to be hydrated as well. Fluids inside the body can easily be depleted during pregnancy, all the more when you add activities such as hiking to your lifestyle. Therefore, it is vital to double the amount of water you normally consume. Most especially during activities that require extra effort from you. To stay hydrated does not just mean taking in more water, it also equates to lessen caffeine and salt intake. That is to allow the body to use more fluids inside of you efficiently and effectively.


Tip #5: Pay attention to your body

They say that nobody understands your own body but you. It is you alone who can get clear signs if you need to put those hiking poles down and rest for a bit. When paying attention to your body, it means that pregnant moms can hike. 

Being pregnant is a totally different experience, and mind you, it gets more atypical as you reach your last trimester. No matter how active your lifestyle was before you were expecting, do not expect to have the same endurance and resistance by the time you get pregnant. Be conscious with your own body. Feeling dizzy, having sporadic migraines and the like are obvious warning signs that you need a good and quality rest. Do not push yourself too much. Remember that you are not alone in this journey. You always have to think about the growing baby inside of you too.

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

Last say…

Doing activities such as hiking while being pregnant is safe. Do not let old taboos hold you back or tell you otherwise. For as long as you have the green light from your doctor, then you are good to go. But also, do not forget to take it easy. As you do the hike, appreciate the beauty of nature more. Breath in the fresh air and gain serenity from the view’s calmness.

Your goal for pregnant moms hike is no longer to finish the trail, nor finish the trail with your best time. It is now to have a more positive outlook in life. Look forward to the life you will be having once you give birth to that precious human being. 


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