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Kids and Gadgets: Why Kids Should Be Using Technology

The life of a modern person no longer appears without such things as a tablet, phone, computer. Kids, watching the life of adults, begin to be interested in gadgets from diapers. Since mom and dad pay so much attention to these things, it means they are really interesting. The attitude of parents to the introduction of gadgets into the life of a child is ambiguous: some actively use them, others persistently try to protect the child from modern trends.

Do not rush to extremes, because the truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. A child is born and grows in the modern world, and modern life places rather high demands on a person. Already in elementary school, the child will need knowledge of the computer… So carefully not letting the child get acquainted with different electronic devices is not very prudent. Uncontrolled use of gadgets by a child also does not lead to good.  What is the right decision? Gadgets should be in the lives of children but dosed and under parental control. Let us consider in more detail the pros of using gadgets.



Pros of using gadgets

1. The way to temporarily occupy the child in the “field”

Children have a rather hard time waiting in queues, a long road, standing in traffic jams. Toys, books, markers and an album can by no means always be at hand, but adults will not part with the gadgets, and here they will be very useful. A smartphone or tablet with cartoons, games or interesting applications will help to brighten up the child weary minutes and hours.


2. Gadgets are a real aid in the development of a child

There are many websites and training applications aimed at developing fine motor skills, reaction, logic, memory, and other important skills. Kids much more like to learn in a playful way, and under the supervision of parents, such classes can be very effective. Even instilling a love of reading is much easier if occasionally reading colorful interactive books. Read about such useful applications here.


3. Development of cognitive processes and obtaining new knowledge

Some computer games and applications really contribute to the development of attention, memory, logical thinking. They are taught to read, count, draw. You can read about one of these educational applications in this article. There are also educational cartoons that allow the child to get new knowledge about the world. The catch is that there are not so many high-quality educational games and cartoons. Most of them only declare a developing effect.


4. The library is in your pocket

Modern electronic “readers” are able to replace the whole book depository, so the student will not have to carry voluminous volumes from the library and vice versa. You only need to download books of interest from the Internet. In addition, you will teach your child to think that a worldwide network is not only a source of entertainment but also a concentration of useful information.

Kids and gadgets: a strategy for smart parents

Of course, in the relationship “kids-and-gadgets” you can find both the pros and cons. Therefore, even those parents who are skeptical of the achievements of science and technology should understand that it is impossible to exclude gadgets from the life of a child. But at the preschool age, the baby needs clear guidance from adults in the development of complex technologies.


Dose the time allotted for games and views

Time for games and activities on electronic devices should be determined not only on the basis of standard age norms but also depending on the individual characteristics of the baby, which are best known to parents. The more excited the baby, the less time he needs to spend with the gadget.


Actively share the leisure of the baby

Each viewing of the program, a new game or information received from the training program should be jointly understood, felt and worked out. Often ask your child what he is doing, discuss his successes and achievements. In your free days try to entertain your child with something no less exciting than gadgets. Remember that board games, walks, visits to zoos and museums, playing soccer on the street will allow him to feel the taste of real life.

kids and gadgets

Form an adequate attitude of the child to gadgets

The most important task for parents in introducing a child to gadgets is to form their perception of these devices in which they will not be a vital daily need for him or a coveted reward. The child should understand that gadgets are only assistants in obtaining new information and knowledge. They are “little things” with which you can entertain yourself in periods of loneliness or long wait.


Emphasize the practical importance of devices

Tell your child that the ability to handle gadgets will allow him, when he grows up, to quickly receive and transmit information, find friends around the world and communicate with them,  etc. In general, “friendship” with devices allows you to do what makes life easier for a modern person and makes it pleasant.

So, electronic devices have already firmly entered our lives. It makes no sense to completely prohibit their use to a child. But we must clearly control the time that the kid will spend on interactive entertainment, as well as benefit from children’s educational programs.


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