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5 Dental Tips to Prevent Cavities

Nobody wants to visit the dentist now and then, right? Some ailments are inevitable, but we can still take precautions to keep them away. One such issue is that of dental cavities. If we take care of our oral hygiene from the very beginning, there might not be a need to trouble ourselves with the pain and uneasiness. Before jumping right into the top ten tips to prevent cavities, we should first know how they show up and what they are.

Oral cavities are the holes in the teeth caused primarily by the action of plaque that gets formed due to leftover bits and pieces of food. They are acted upon by bacteria to produce acids that damage the tooth structure and lead to what we call tooth decay or dental caries. There can be several reasons behind the formation of cavities, for example, the intake of food rich in sugar and starch like bread, fast-food, chocolates, sugary drinks, etc. The improper cleaning of the teeth also accounts for the teeth and gum problems.

The consequences of cavity-struck teeth could be fatal, if not taken care of properly. You might not find any symptoms, but the sudden toothache or gum-problems can further trigger the need to visit the doctor for tooth-removal. That would look bad and hurt so much. So, why not take healthy steps to never let such a circumstance arise? It is time that we introduce you to the five fantastic tips to keep the cavities away while you still enjoy eating delicious food.    


The Pro Tips 

Brush your teeth twice a day

Have you ever wondered why you get up every morning and need to brush your teeth? As a kid, we usually think that it is a norm, and if we do not brush daily, we will have bad breath. However, as we grow up, we realize the real importance of brushing twice a day. Studies suggest that the way we brush our teeth also reflects on the probability of getting cavities. A quality toothpaste is another thing which matters. There are spaces between the teeth where the food particles might get stuck. It is essential to brush appropriately to remove them. If those food particles are left behind, the bacteria will feed on them and release chemicals to deplete the teeth structure. 


Use Floss and Tongue cleaner for better cleansing

Cleaning the teeth is not sufficient. We should use good quality tongue-cleaner to clean our tongue. Sometimes, a soft brush can also be used, instead. It is essential to remove the white coating from the tongue. Most often the debris remains intact in the spaces between the teeth. Using the floss gently over them in circular fashion can help us get rid of them. Moreover, regular flossing can help remove the plaque that deposits in and around the teeth. However, one must be careful while flossing because it can hurt the gums, if not done correctly.  

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 Don’t have too much of sugary food or junks

The dentist kit for cavity-free teeth The dentist kit for cavity-free teeth 

As already mentioned, the diet rich in sugar, like carbohydrates, is a significant source of cavities. Such food items often get trapped between our teeth and due to ineffective cleaning, they become a breeding ground for bacteria that causes tooth decay. Hence, it is advisable to limit the consumption of sugar-rich food items. Avoiding junk food, chips, cakes, etc. also helps keep such problems away. High acid content food items, like the ones containing citric acid, can further lead to cavities and eat up the enamel. You should never eat just before you sleep. Either brush your teeth, rinse once or twice or drink water after eating. It will prevent the food items from staying in your mouth the entire night.


 A regular check-up won’t harm

Visiting the dentist often is the best thing we could do to keep ourselves fit in terms of oral hygiene. The doctor would often instruct us about our present condition and give suggestions to maintain good health. Dentists are equipped with the latest technologies, and they know the correct method to use for our diagnosis. They might go for a panoramic x-ray which captures the details of mouth in a single image. So, how about visiting the dentist every birthday? That would be a significant step towards keeping your smile brighter and your teeth free from any cavities.

The oral hygiene essentials

The oral hygiene essentials


Seldom uses of fluoride mouthwash or sugar-free gums

In addition to brushing, flossing, and tongue cleaning, using fluoride-based mouth-wash can help rinse out potential bacteria from the mouth. These are harmless and can be used upon slight dilution. However, one should not ingest such liquids. Also, there are sugar-free chewing gums which also help in fighting the bacteria that cause tooth decay. These will all help prevent cavities. 



Taking care of your teeth and preventing cavities is now in your hands. What you eat and drink, how you clean your mouth, and how often you go for the checkup will all affect your oral hygiene. Cavities are harmful to your teeth as they tend to spread due to the bacteria. It is so much possible that one of your teeth with a cavity, spreads the bacteria to the tooth next to it. The blackening of the teeth will look dirty if it is visible when you smile or speak.

Moreover, it also produces bad breath. Henceforth, it is quite essential to take all significant steps to keep the cavities away.  



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