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How to Keep Your Kids from Catching Back-To-School Colds

With the new school year comes a bundle of new concerns. This is especially if your school is going back in a hybrid model or full time face to face. We need to make sure that we are keeping our kids safe during this stressful time and it is important to review the basics. Some of those concerns have to do with the colds that your kids are certainly going to come into contact with. While you may not have the ability to prevent your children from ever getting a cold again, you can certainly reduce the chances of back-to-school colds.

While you can't prevent your children from ever getting a cold again, here's how to reduce the chances of back-to-school colds. 

Encourage Good Hand-Washing

With this pandemic, washing hands is going to be key. If you hear your kids run the water for just a couple of second when they’re in the bathroom, odds are that they are not doing a better job at school. Before the school year begins, start timing how long your kids wash their hands for. In addition to washing their hands for a long enough time, they also need to properly apply soap, scrub and dry at the end. Emphasize how washing their hands well can help keep them from getting sick.

Practice Cleanliness

When you have guests over to a house for a party, you might notice your kids touching all of the cookies on the middle of the table before picking one. Allowing them to behave in this manner at home encourages them to act in a similar way at school, which means that germs can pass from one child to all the others in the classroom if, for instance, treats are being passed out. Encourage your children to practice good manners and cleanliness, especially during COVID! (and to only pick one cookie for a treat!)


Get Fresh Air

As the temperatures dip, you’re probably more inclined to stay inside. However, the warm indoor temperatures of the cooler months can encourage the growth of germs, especially as the heating vents recirculate air. Make sure your kids spend time outdoors, and consider having a professional look over your heating system for repairs to improve the indoor air quality in preparation for the months when your kids can’t be outside too long.


Enjoy Proper Health

Another to battle back-to-school colds is to eat properly. Having healthy bodies is an important part of fighting against disease. While you don’t necessarily need to throw out all of the junk food and start insisting upon rigorous exercise every day, work to incorporate more healthy proteins, fruits and vegetables into your family’s diet. Consider looking into exercise plans that you can pursue together as a family, such as riding bikes or participating on an athletic team. You should also pack healthy lunches for your kids.


Final thoughts

Catching  back-to-school colds are an irritation for the entire family. Once one of your kids has a cold, the rest of the family is sure to get it. Implementing these habits can help to keep your family and your household in a healthier state.


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