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4 Free Printables for Back-to-School [Tech-Themed]

As the summer comes to an end, parents and kids start preparing for the next school year. One of the biggest indicators that school is right around the corner is published supplies lists form teachers. Kids and parents flood supermarkets and discount stores to shop for new supplies. Education is an important aspect of every child’s life, so most parents want to ensure their kids have the supplies they need to succeed in school. Unfortunately, school supplies can’t ensure success in all subject areas. Boys and men dominate fields such as technology, discouraging girls and women from taking an interest and creating a gender gap. In fact, an eSecurity Planet study found 52% of females believed no cybersecurity programs were provided to them. We have found that having a tech-themed printable really help our kids throughout their school year.

From a youth perspective, STEM activities haven’t been provided to female adolescent programs such as The Girl Scouts until most recently. Parents may need to emphasize at home programs if their children are interested in the tech industry. Fortunately, Panda Security created a few cybersecurity printables perfect for kiddos interested in tech, whether they are a girl or boy.

Many people hear the word “cybersecurity” and a bunch of question marks emerges. Don’t overthink it, parents! Whether you homeschool or care about your kids’ educational path, printables are an excellent learning tool. From name tag games to definition matching, there are a variety of printables available for free download online.


Binary Code Name Tag Printable

The first week often has icebreaker activities. Why not practice a cybersecurity themed icebreaker at home? Consequently, your child can showcase a passion for tech on the first day of class.

Similarly to humans, computers have their own language called binary code. The binary code uses the numbers 0 and 1 to describe instructions for a computer system to follow. Think of the numbers 0 and 1 as the 26 letter alphabet. The numbers are organized into a series of 8 characters referred to as UTF-8. Each eight-digit code is related to a single alphabet letter. With a bit of adjusting, your daughter can spell her name in UTF-8 binary code. How’s that for an interesting fact?

A printable worksheet for kids to find their code name.

Download printable here

Malware Definition Match Printable

A particularly easy way for kids to memorize what new words mean are definition match worksheets. This explains why many teachers find them effective in a classroom setting, especially for more challenging topics. A definition match printable discussing the dangerous software can help educate your children on the dark side of tech. Ultimately, this could teach kids to avoid scams and viruses online.

Malware is an umbrella term for all software harmful to tech devices and a great tech-themed printable. Some examples include ransomware, adware, spyware, trojan horses, worms and viruses. This printable defines all six of these terms, which can open up important conversations with your kids. Ask your kids if they noticed any unsettling activity on their personal or school devices. This can encourage youth to make smart, safe decisions online.

A malware definition match printable that helps kids learn about worms, spyware, ransomware, and more. Tech-themed printable

Download printable here

Think Like a Hacker Printable

Another great tech-themed printable for back to school is Think Like a Hacker. It’s important to know that the kids of today were born into a tech-focused world. Social media accounts act as a timeline for their kids as they grow up.  However, hackers still flood the internet, causing problems for children and even adults. Teaching your kids to be careful with their shared personal information is parenting 101.

Some hackers browse social media accounts to collect personal information and use it against the person. This printable includes questions a hacker asks when identifying their next victim. For example, “Does the person share their location?” Fill out the worksheet with your kids and identify pieces of information they can remove from their accounts. If your kids are too young for a social media account, use an adult family member’s account to show them.

A printable that helps kids look at their social media to get insight on the private information that they share.

Download printable here


Strong Password Printable

Creating secure passwords is one of the most important aspects of Internet safety. As our kids spend more time on social media, passwords help keep their information safe and private. Teaching your kids to create passwords with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols will prepare them when they acquire their first mobile device.

Username and password sign up

Download printable here

Cybersecurity is a scary subject for many parents. However, the tech field isn’t always equal for boys and girls. This has led many parents to teach cybersecurity basics to their little ones. Nearly every parent has their kids’ best interests at heart. If you aren’t too familiar with cybersecurity, download a tech-themed printable to help your students learn.

Whether you start with binary code or malware definitions, there are many cybersecurity lessons to explore. With a tech-themed printable, identify what your son or daughter finds most interesting and add a kid-friendly twist to it. For example, help your daughter imagine she’s a superhero training to fight off evil hackers by teaching her malware terms. Feel free to have fun with it!

Who knows—maybe your child will teach you a thing or two about tech.


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