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5 Reasons to Track Ovulation When Trying to Conceive

Getting pregnant is a different experience for every couple. Piece of cake right? Not always is trying to conceive a one time event. It may not even be a two or three time deal! Many times this is the case, and we have to figure out the right timing. As we know with life, nothing ever happens when we want or need it to! In this article we will share with you 5 reasons why you should track your ovulation when you’re trying to conceive. 

Getting pregnant is different for everyone. In this article we will share with you 5 reasons why you should track your ovulation when trying to conceive. 

1. Your cycle can change

As you know, your cycle can change, even by the month and especially when you are getting off of birth control. Many of us have been on birth control for years, so we really have no idea what our menstrual cycle will be like without birth control. Your cycle can also change due to stress. Research shows that many women experience cycle changes because of stress, especially during this pandemic. Then once you figure that out, the length of time between and during cycles can change every month! There is no guarantee that T.O.M (time of month) will come on the 17th every month. Also, if you experience hormone imbalance or PCOS, your hormone level can be elevated and create false-positive results from OPKs, causing lots of confusion and emotions for you. 


How can we deal with our cycles changing monthly when we are trying to conceive? This is where tracking your ovulation is key. Mira has an amazing Fertility and Ovulation Tracker that is the perfect solution. Their tracker is easy to use and it’s a smart health tracking platform to provide you accurate and personalized ovulation tracking and analysis based on numeric data of your LH and estrogen concentration. Mira’s Fertility and Ovulation Tracker helps to track what days each month you are fertile and infertile. 

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2. Fertility time is short

Because fertility is a short time each month, if you have no idea when you are fertile, you can miss it easily. Did you know that you are only fertile for 12-24 hours? So you can imagine if you had no idea which day or time of day that was, you could miss it, and have to wait another 30 days. Mira’s will help you not miss this time frame anymore! It gives you specific fertility hormone concentration levels such as LH and estrogen, rather than the traditional ‘smiley face’ approach that other fertility tracker’s provide. Not only can you track your hormone concentration levels, but if you have irregular cycles, it will analyze your quantitative hormone levels. That gives you an accurate insight to when your fertile window and ovulation period is.

mira fertility ovulation tracker

3. Not strong swimmers

Another important reason why tracking ovulation is so important because not all of our husband’s swimmers are the strong ones! They play just as important of a role in this as you do in this process. If your partner is a smoker or a hard drinker, both of these can affect the performance and make it a little bit more difficult to conceive because it affects the quality and function of the sperm. So if you are planning a night of drinking and then going in the hot tub, probably not the best way to conceive! Along with tracking your ovulation, having your partner not drink or smoke during this time can really help the chances of conceiving. 


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4. When is the right time?

Isn’t that the best question? Really it is hard to know unless you are tracking. And we don’t mean counting the days on a paper calendar. Because the female body is on its own schedule, you need to know the right time. By using an ovulation tracker, it takes the guesswork out of your fertility journey. Many times you are just tracking on a calendar and trying to figure it out, but why do that when you can download an app and it gives you specific details on your days and times! Not only can you download the app, but you can do your test right at home without going to a hospital and see actual numbers of fertility hormones in your body. This can really help you know when the right time is to try to conceive and how to plan around that time. 

mira fertility ovulation tracker

5. Trying to plan for the future

As you probably have seen this past year, planning never really works out because something gets in the way (like a pandemic!). Where pregnancy isn’t something that we can control, we can work on planning around the best time for our body. By using an ovulation home monitoring platform it can really help you with planning. Giving a timeline for fertility, monitoring fetal health, miscarriage and hormone imbalances, it can really provide you with the best ways to plan through your fertility journey. 

mira fertility ovulation tracker


We always wish that getting pregnant is an easy one and done task. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. But instead of hoping and wishing for it to happen, using an ovulation tracker can set your mind at ease and help you start planning the beginning of your new life. 


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  1. Such important info that you really don’t think about until you are trying to get pregnant! You can learn so much about your body by tracking.

      1. Tracking ovulation is definitely an important aspect while conceiving. I visited my gynaecologist every month for the same. I wish I had this device earlier would have saved some trips.

  2. Thank you, such a great information. Do you know if Mira has any promotions at this moment?

  3. Ohh yes this is so good. It’s so good to track so have the best odds of conceiving. My brother swears by it with his wife for gender picking too

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