4th of July Road Trip: How To Prepare

Every American wants to explore the continent. From the deepest depths of the Grand Canyon and the renowned Oregon Trail to the historic Route 66. These sites are the most popular but are still mystifying for everyone who has lived here. There’s always the lure of inviting your closest friends or family for a long American road trip that could last for days and even months! A Fourth of July road trip would be a great way to enjoy the sights and, at the same time, a de-stress in a completely different area.

But before you start planning what to wear or where to go, you should first check the car if it can take long rides or rough terrains. Sometimes, travelers experience car malfunction in the middle of nowhere. On even rarer occasions, in areas with no cell service. It might sound like a horror story, but it’s happened to a few people, and you don’t want to be added to that list! Here are a few reminders and tips to get your car ready for your Fourth of July trip:

Every American wants to explore the country. Here are a few reminders and tips to get your car ready for your Fourth of July road trip.

Get all the repairs done.

It might just be this weird noise whenever you start up your car or that weird smell from the air-conditioning, but there might be a bigger problem than you think. You should get your car repaired as soon as possible and check if it needs more services before you go on your trip. You can schedule this a month prior and thus ensure that all the problems are fixed properly.


Check the tires.

Get your tires checked and serviced—replace them if needed. Each tire should reach the proper pressure before the trip and be inflated to the best number. You can install accessories like sturdy Tundra fender flares to avoid damaging the sides of your car. Go for ones that can withstand the strong impact of rocks and debris on the road. To make sure you’re safe during your road trip, pack a portable tire inflator in your toolbox. Don’t neglect your spare tire! Inflate it, and have it checked if it’s in good condition.

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Check your car’s coolant.

Most parts of the American frontier are actually hotter than what you’re used to. The temperature can really take a toll on your car. If there’s a drastic change in the weather than what your car’s used to, make sure your coolant’s mixture of antifreeze and water is good enough. If you’re not entirely sure about it, have a professional check your coolant, and seal leaks if there are any.


Clean your car’s interior.

Likely it will be a long fourth of July road trip, and your car needs to be in top condition before you head out. Vacuum under the mats, the mats themselves, and the nooks and crannies of the seats and floor. You don’t want cockroaches inside your car rummaging for food scraps. Spend time cleaning and disinfecting your car for a comfortable and smooth trip.


Always check your glove box.

This is only for emergencies but vital to ensure your safe journey. Put your car’s documents in the glove box. This will include user manuals, insurance documents, the registration, and maybe a copy of your driver’s license if ever you lose it along the way. You can always have these documents scanned and stored in your gadget, but a hard copy of these important documents is still ideal.

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Check the air filter.

What happens when your air filter is clogged or dirty? This will make it harder for your engine to suck air for the combustion chambers. It will burn too much gas and will definitely won’t make your car economically friendly. It will make your car run a bit rough, and it will lose power. Change or clean the filter after reaching ten thousand miles.


Fill the gas tank and pack a reserve.

Since you’ll traverse the great American frontier for this Fourth of July road trip, you’ll need to fill up the gas first. At the same time, pack a jerrican filled with gasoline, and secure it away from the kids or any hot items.



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