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A Family “Flex” Room: 5 Fantastic Ideas

If you have a dream of adding extra space to your home, you may want to make the most of that spare room. One of the biggest bones of contention with a spare room is, what are you going to do with it? Is it going to be an extra bedroom, an office, or a reading room? But the reality is that this spare room, sometimes known as a flex room, can serve a number of purposes that’s why many people look for flex room ideas. So if you have a spare room or a room that’s too small to serve as a bedroom, this flex room can throw up a number of possibilities. Let’s show you what you could do.

If you have a spare room or a room that's too small to serve as a bedroom, this family flex room can work. Let's show you what you could do.

Create a Study Space

A study is a very useful space, and especially if you’ve got children that are looking for a distraction away from their bedroom so they can do their homework. The great thing about a study is that it can immediately evoke a calming environment, which will allow you to focus on the tasks you need to do. A good study serves a number of purposes. It becomes a space that is calm and focusing, but it also allows you time away from the rest of the house.

This means you can turn the space into something aesthetically different from the rest of the property. You can make it more relaxing, which will be very useful if you have children that struggle to get into a study frame of mind. You can dress up the space with an armchair, a coffee table, and a number of custom cut rugs to make the space more personal. A study is an excellent addition to any home because of the tranquility it can bring.


family flex room

A Nursery or Playroom

If you’ve got toddling children, or a child has too much Lego that they are always being trampled underfoot (ouch!), having a playroom nursery is an excellent way to contain the mess. Giving them their own space in a flex room that is a playroom or nursery means that they have somewhere different to the home so you have your living room back, and they can go wild and create, build, and enjoy themselves.

We can forget that it’s important for children to create, and this means making a mess! So if you have children who like to make a mess, and you cannot help yourself but tidy up straight away, a spare room can be the perfect opportunity for your children too to let themselves run wild. And the added benefit of this room is that you can shut the door on it, and only focus on cleaning it up once a week.



A Combination Room

If you are trying to make a functional space in the home that serves a number of different purposes, you can create a multi-purpose room that can transition between guest room, office, laundry room, and playroom, depending on what you need it for. This could be very muddled in an aesthetic sense, which is why it is important to have a lot of storage in this space.

You can use furniture with hidden storage containers, or even utilize underfloor storage to hide any supplies if you have guests stay over. You can easily make the space more personable with rugs, and a small sofa so that it doesn’t become a stylistically confusing room.

family flex room


Setting up an Extra Living Room

How many times have you needed to fight over the remote control? While we don’t advocate spending time apart from your family, sometimes, there are things that nobody can agree on, so they need space to watch their TV show or big game. An extra living room gives you the option to turn it into an informal space for you to get away, or you can make it a formal living room for guests to congregate. It also can be the arena for family games night!



A Home Gym

Many people discover the wonders of exercising at home in light of the pandemic, and if you’ve got the exercise bug, the spare room can easily transform into a workout space. All you need is a yoga mat, some free weights, resistance bands, and a Bluetooth speaker for some music and you are good to go!

family workouts


Spare room dilemma is about making sure it pleases all of the family. What does your family like to do? Because if you have a family of health-conscious individuals, the gym would be the best way to go, however, if you want it to be a space that serves many purposes, you could turn it into a study so you can get the children to work there and you can do your life admin. When it comes to the spare room in the perfect home, the options are endless.


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