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Accessories Celebrity Children Are Wearing This Season

Moms can learn a lot from celebrities and their children. Yes, okay, that seems like a stretch, but fashion-wise, the stars have loads to teach us. You have to admit that today’s celebrity children are possibly the best-dressed generation we’ve ever seen. These children even know how to accessorize! That calls into question which accessories are the best for kiddos because you want them to look sensational while still serving some kind of purpose.

Take a look at our top fashionable but functional accessory picks for kids, based on what accessories the celebrity children are wearing:


Too-Cute Tutus

Tutus have become the go-to accessory for celebrity children, and that goes for boys as well as girls in the world of the stars. You have to admit that fabulous tutus make for phenomenal photo ops. The Kardashian Krew is big on tiny tutus for their tots, but that doesn’t mean that your little one can’t rock a puff of tulle in the real world, too.

Too-Cute Tutus
Photo/image by Khloe Kardashian (@khloekardashian)

Practically speaking, your child can wear a tutu anytime the mood strikes. Because it’s not a stand-alone piece of clothing, it fits easily over skirts, pants, shorts, dresses, and even onesies. It’s a way to add sparkle and pizzazz to a miniature ensemble without a lot of effort. Considering the sheer amount of variety available, your child can theoretically have a tutu for every day of the week, plus special occasions. The two of you can spend time together picking out colors and designs. Some can have sparkles, some can be plain, and still, others might have ribbons or bows.


An On-Point Sun hat

Every kid needs a sun hat this season. You don’t want your kiddo’s eyes to be harmed by the sun. A hat also protects your little one’s face and hair from potentially damaging UV rays. You only need to peek at the mags and entertainment shows for a second to spot celebrity kids of all ages wearing eye-catching lids. Christy Tiegen and John Legend are well-known for accessorizing their gorgeous kiddos with cute hats.

As a result, you and your child are both spoiled for choice. Ball caps are ideal for little boys and girls, particularly if they boast eye-catching colors or humorous messages. A floppy sun hat is perfect for a day at the beach or the park. In a pinch, even an adorable sunbonnet will work. The secret is to make sure that the hat is protective but still comfortable for your little one.

what the children of the stars are wearing

Eye-Catching Socks for Days

It’s tempting to leave the socks behind in warm weather, but the truth is that they can keep little toes from burning in the sun. On family beach trips and vacations, socks also keep your kiddo’s shoes from rubbing their feet raw and causing blisters. Take a page from the fashion folios of your favorite celeb kids and always bring along at least one pair of socks.

Fortunately, you don’t have to subject yourself or your child to plain white socks. Instead, coordinate with the outfits in your kiddos closet. Let your little one wear designer socks, even if they don’t necessarily come from a recognizable designer. The point is to allow your child to splash out in eye-popping socks that feature vivid colors and designs.



Temp Tattoos for Fun

Temporary tattoos may not seem like an accessory from the first glance, but once you see the way celebrity kids rock them, you can’t deny that they add to an outfit. From Pink’s lovely children to the kids from “Stranger Things” and IT, little ones can’t resist the allure of a temporary tattoo. Many celebrity children see their parents’ ink all the time, and they want some, too! A temp solution is a perfect fix, plus it’s a way for little tykes to splash out with some edge.

Opt for the higher-quality temporary tattoos for your kiddo. Even though they’re more expensive than what you get in the quarter machines, the difference in price is barely noticeable. With a quality dragon or unicorn tat, your child won’t have to worry that it’s going to rub off five seconds after application.


Baby Shades All the Way

Kids love sunglasses—and they look good in them! Take a look at the Jolie-Pitt kids if you need proof. Maddox is especially fierce in his shades. For famous parents, putting sunglasses on their children has a purpose that goes beyond sun avoidance. The shades give the kiddos a little extra protection as they try to navigate a world that’s filled with paparazzi trying to snag a picture. Shades add an incognito layer that’s certainly helpful.

Baby Shades All the Way
Photo/Image by Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

That being said, your child can wear shades to avoid the glare of the sun—and to look like the coolest kid on the block, of course. Even celeb parents know that there’s no better accessory for bringing together an outfit and giving off an air of mystique. From aviators to classic Ray-Bans or heart-shaped sunglasses, there are no limits to the choices available for your little one.

You don’t have to spend a star-level amount of money to dress your child like those stylish celebrity tots. Accessories don’t have to be expensive, plus you can always find impeccable clothing on a budget. Is there a particular celebrity child whose fashion sense tickles your fancy? How does that inspire you to dress your little one?



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