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Advice for Working Moms: 8 Tips to Have a Pest-Free Home

Working moms have a lot of issues that they have to manage in their life. One of the things that might be an unprecedented issue for moms is the infestation of pests in their homes. Dealing with a pest infestation is something that you wouldn’t want but luckily, it’s easier to prevent that from happening than it is to stop one. Therefore, you should check out the following tips that can help you have a pest-free home:

1. Have a seasonal home check

pest-free home

One of the first things you should do is to block out some time when you can do a seasonal home check of key areas in your house. You should look at places that may be easier to enter from the outside for smaller animals like cracks or small holes. Whether it’s on the roof or on the walls of the house, there are many forms of entry for these pests. So be thorough in your search. Even if you think that the crack is small, it’s better to be safe than sorry and check it anyway since the colder season is going to attract critters into the warmth of your home. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of a pest control company like Aptive Pest Control, who will come out and conduct the inspection for you, sealing entry points and providing further guidance for preventative maintenance.


2. Use mouse traps

Before you start closing the cracks or gaps you’ve found in your home after the check, you should first make sure that you get rid of any lingering mice that you have in your home. You wouldn’t want to seal these little critters into your home with you after all. One effective way is by using mouse traps or even bait stations. You can get them in hardware stores. Hiring a local pest exterminator can also help, although it could be costly.


3. Cover trash bins tightly

pest-free home

If you’re not careful of your trash bins then this can attract all sorts of pests into your home. Your garbage is going to end up as the mule that is feeding the bulbs and all sorts of creatures that are all around your home making them want to stay near it. On that note, you should make sure that your trash bins are properly covered and sealed away so that no bugs or other creatures can get into it. This way you can ensure you have a pest-free home. 

4. Always clean your kitchen

pest-free home

According to Cleaning Exec Home Cleaning Services NYC, the kitchen is a hotspot for all sorts of creatures since this is where food and other leftover are usually stored. On that note, you should make it a habit to always keep a clean kitchen. Remember to wipe away all surfaces. You don’t have to use antibacterial wipes all the time. While you’re cooking make it a habit to clean as you make your food instead of cleaning right after you finish cooking.

5. Seal windows and doors cracks

Even if there are no visible cracks in your home where creatures can crawl into, you might be neglecting parts of your home that aren’t broken but are still technically a crawl space. These parts of your home are the windows and doors and the gaps that they have. Make sure that you cover the windows and doors and the cracks on your walls as well so that you’re sure that no creatures can come into your home no matter what.


6. Schedule a professional home cleaning

A lot of working moms just don’t have the time to thoroughly clean their home. And if they do, usually it’s during the times when they should be taking rest. Instead of devoting your only rest time to cleaning the home why don’t you schedule a professional home cleaner instead? They can help you to complete complicated cleaning services like crawlspace cleanup and other things. They’re probably going to be more effective and more efficient in their cleaning so they’ll get done better and faster.

7. Trim the shrubs

Although having all sorts of shrubberies and trees around your house makes your home more attractive, you should learn how to properly trim it. That way it isn’t serving as a bridge for pests to get into your home. If you have any trees near your house then you should make sure that no branches are near your house. You should trim these off so you aren’t bringing the pests right into your home.


8. Watch out for pet fleas

There are some pests that terrorize the home, but there are also some that terrorize the pets that you have in your home. If you have any furry critters living with you and even feathery creatures, make sure that you check them for fleas. Don’t let your pets suffer from the wrath of these itchy and horrid little pests. There are plenty of flea treatments available in the market for your pets. Make sure that you also wash out the bedding of your pet’s once every fortnight and to clean out any of your carpet or furniture for a pest-free home.




If you want to be able to have a pest-free home, then you only need to keep up with these several things listed above. It’s easier to do than you would think. Plus, you will definitely prefer doing these over suffering from a full-on pest infestation so keep it up!


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