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Are Diffuser Pens Actually Safe For You?

We thought we have heard it all by now, haven’t we? There are very few things that can surprise us nowadays and yet, somehow, people never stop surprising us. It’s as if we are all rather tired of all the things that we have, so we constantly strive to invent new ones, better ones and, frankly, unusual ones. Aren’t all new things unusual in the beginning, though? Doesn’t it take time to get used to all the new things that we are presented with?

It’s true that we cannot accept everything at once and that some level of skepticism is perfectly natural and even necessary whenever we are acquainted with a new hit on the market. In this case, the new thing that I am talking about has actually been around for quite a while, but some amount of skepticism is still present in people. That only shows that some things are accepted much faster than others, while it tells absolutely nothing about the quality of those things.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I am talking about diffuser pens and their role in people’s health and well-being. When you hear that someone is using essential oils this way, you are immediately struck by at least a few questions. One of those questions will, naturally, have to do with safety of this whole concept. That’s exactly the question we will be dealing with today.

When hearing about diffuser pens, your questions might have to do with safety of this whole concept. That’s exactly the questions we're answering today.

What Are Diffuser Pens?

Unsurprisingly, if we want to address the question of safety, we will first need to take a quick look into the whole idea behind diffuser pens and their purpose. Starting with the basics is always the best way to get properly acquainted with any product and this one is not an exception to that rule. Once we have covered the basis, we will be able to dig deeper into any safety concerns that you might have.

Diffuser pens are the new perfect way of taking advantage of the healthy essential oil benefits. They might look like e-cigarettes or vaporizers to you, but the truth is that they are much more than that. For starters, these do not contain nicotine or any other substances that might be harmful for your health. These are simply a fun new way of healing yourself with essential oils.

As we all know by now, essential oils are rather good for our health. They are used in aromatherapy and they seem to be the perfect way of using plants for the promotion of our overall health and well-being. This is because they contain a variety of terpenes, and terpenes can have a calming, sedative effect or a mood-elevating effect. Some also have anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, and neuroprotective affects. Terpenes are sold by Finest Labs if you would like to purchase them, but you can get a lot of the benefits of them from essential oils. In case you have heard about these, but you aren’t really familiar with the individual types, you should get some additional info on the various kinds of essential oils and their benefits for your health.

For a long time, we have been able to enjoy those benefits only by stimulating our sense of smell with these amazing oils made from various plants. Today, that has significantly changed and diffuser pens have contributed to that change. Basically, you can now inhale the oils with these products, which ensures that your body gets all the benefits directly. The positive effects are much stronger when you use this new method.


Are They Safe?

Given that people are used to the fact that inhaling certain things can only do harm to our lungs and our whole bodies, it’s no wonder that they are concerned about this new method of using essential oils. The associations we have made in our brains, most probably due to cigarettes, has made us believe that there can never be anything worth inhaling. Is that really so? Are diffuser pens actually a threat to our health?

I can completely understand your confusion, but it’s time to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Let us start with the basics. We know that essential oils are good for our health and we know that they have been successfully used in aromatherapy for a long, long time.

Check this out for more info about aromatherapy.

diffuser pens essential oils


Moving on, we also know that diffuser pens are nothing like e-cigarettes and vaporizers. There is no nicotine in there, not any other substance that could harm you. Everything is organic and completely plant-based. When you use your logic and think of things this way, you will come to the conclusion that these products are perfectly safe and that there’s no reason to worry.



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