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Benefits & Challenges Of Exercising While Pregnant

Exercising during pregnancy is a difficult topic and many people are unsure whether it’s a good idea or not. Vigorous exercise should be avoided, but there are some Benefits & Challenges Of Exercising While Pregnant. However, there are risks involved and you need to consider the downsides too. So, should you be exercising while pregnant?

Benefits of exercising while pregnant

Reducing pregnancy-related risks

One of the biggest reasons to exercise while pregnant is that it can reduce some of the pregnancy-related risks. Gestational diabetes mellitus, often known as pregnancy diabetes, is a condition caused by issues with the hormone insulin during pregnancy. It affects around 5% of mothers and if not managed correctly, it can cause the baby to gain weight in the womb, making delivery more difficult. Usually, the condition goes away after giving birth, but it can cause a lot of complications during the pregnancy. Studies show that regular exercise during pregnancy can help to manage blood sugar levels and reduce the risks of pregnancy diabetes.

Preeclampsia is a condition that causes high blood pressure during pregnancy. In severe cases, it can lead to problems with the kidneys and liver, and restrict the growth of the baby. However, exercise can help to prevent it.

exercising while pregnant

Improved mental health

Pregnancy is just as tough mentally as it is physically, and many people experience depression during pregnancy. Finding ways to manage this is so important. Exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective natural ways to improve your mental health, so it can help you stay positive during pregnancy.


Weight management

Being overweight leads to a lot of added risks during pregnancy and birth, so managing your weight is crucial. Naturally, you will gain a lot of weight during your pregnancy but exercise can help you keep things balanced. It can also speed up the process of losing weight again after the baby is born.


Challenges you should be aware of

Although exercising during pregnancy is safe, there are some challenges and potential risks you should be aware of.

exercising while pregnant


Incontinence is an issue for most people during and after pregnancy. If you are doing light exercise like walking towards the end of your pregnancy, it can make things a lot worse. So, make sure that you have some good incontinence briefs to help you manage it. This isn’t a reason to avoid exercise, but you should be aware of it and take steps to deal with it.


Premature contractions

In some cases, exercising while pregnant can lead to premature contractions. Although the risks are not fully understood, this is something that you should be aware of if you are exercising. In some cases, exercise can cause too much blood flow to go to the muscles, leading to a lack of oxygen in the placenta. However, there is no proven risk to the baby as a result of this.

Exercising during pregnancy is safe, but you should always consult a doctor first, and make sure that you are aware of the potential risks.


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  1. I regret not exercising during both my pregnancies. I feel like it would’ve really helped my post partum issues.

  2. I have never been pregnant but I always said that if I was to be able to I would workout during the whole period! Loved reading this and learning about the benefits and challenges!

    1. Me too! that’s definitely why i wanted to post this bc i wish i had too!!

  3. I must agree, exercising during pregnancy is good but still need to consider your pregnancy condition and also consult your doctor if it’s good for you or not.

  4. I was pretty active during my first pregnancy and it was the easy birth ever. For my second I rarely exercise and the whole experience was so much harder.

  5. Prenatal Fitness Fix by Erin O’Brien helped me workout during my pregnancies. It kept me from doing too much to harm baby, but just enough to get the fitness that I needed.

  6. When my wife was pregnant, her doctor told her that light exercises such as walking would be beneficial for her overall health.

  7. Light physical and breathing exercises during my pregnancy helped me during labor. This is very helpful for pregnant women.

  8. Getting exercise is so important! It is good to have a health routine while pregnant.

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