Best Ways How To Inspire Your Child To Write

In the digital world, where attention span is shrinking, a complex action like writing is invaluable to children growth and development. Benefits of writing for kids are numerous. Writing can improve brain development and fine motor skill. A child can learn how to use language to express the ideas, feelings, and thoughts, how to communicate. Many kids dislike writing, cause it is presented as a task. Some young ones need incentive other than just making writing a chore; that is why we will dive into learning to write for kids techniques and tips.


How to help kids with writing

There are layers to making kids better at writing. Preschool and children in early grades are learning how to write, while older children may need help to develop a better writing style. Either way, writing help for kids need to focus on a positive environment and try to present writing as a fun game rather than a difficult chore.

As an essential mean of communication, the ability to express themselves through writing could do wonders for their confidence. There are various ways you could help your kid succeed in school, and developing better writing skills will also improve his chances. Most kids are reluctant to take on writing, so we need to talk about the best ways to inspire children to write.


Learning new words

Did you know that kids learn at least nine words a day? This happens organically, but you could further encourage this practice by playing word games. Create a challenge for kids to write you a note using a new word. The very popular word game is a word jar, where a child writes a new word on paper and put it into the pot.


Play with magnetic letters

Fridge magnets are among the most popular kid’s accessories. When you decide to buy a magnetic letters set, check out the quality and don’t take cheapest that can often be with a weak magnet, very light and unpractical. Start with writing their names, pet name, and then go to your neighborhood, city, country, river, and slowly write more complex phrases with magnetic letters.


Write their own book

An excellent prerequisite for writing is reading bedtime stories. If you have a library with picture books, a fantastic way to make your kids write would be to write their own storybook. If you like, you could add simple illustration depending on your drawing talent, and the whirlwind of creating story could boost children interest in writing.


Write a journal

Similar to writing an own book, taking notes into a diary could be beneficial in many levels. Journal is a private world of their own. It’s a great tool to express emotion and experiences, to record reality and have a reminder of critical moments in life.


Create shopping lists

Being useful is an excellent trigger for some kids. If you ask them to help with the grocery shopping list, the child will feel important and empowered. It could also teach kids responsibility if you let them cross the items of the list in the store.


Write birthday invitations and letters to relatives

Birthday invitation is an important piece of content. Children will be very engaged around questions what should I write and who should I invite. You could use this enthusiasm to make them write the invitation. Similarly, if you have relatives, your kids like, writing a letter could be the spark that raises interest in writing. With positive emotions involved, this can create a positive link with writing.


Finish the story

For kids that developed writing skills, but still don’t want to write regularly, playing a game could spark interest. You could take some known stories and create different endings, or you could create a short story and ask your kid to write the ending. Besides writing skills, this game could develop imagination. Finishing the story game could prove useful for school tasks like essays. If your child has a problem with writing essays that lasts, you could turn to essay writing service at https://au.edubirdie.com/or try to find help through freelance writer services.


Make your kid an emperor

One of the popular word game is If I ruled the world. Your kid has been elected to rule, and he needs to create a speech. Go along with the idea, and create props, make this proposition believable. If he doesn’t know what to write, ask him questions about what would he do if he ruled the world. Let kid write the answers down on papers, and then stitch the notes together, and the acceptance speech can start.

inspire your child to write
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The best way to inspire writing in kids is gamification. The best tools are already in their heads. Imagination, emotions, thoughts, and opinions are a valuable asset for word games, and a child’s brain has them in abundance.

How to help kids with writing is the ultimate question, and there is no simple answer. It’s a gradual process that should ideally include reading to kids from an early age, playing simple games to learn the letters and move on to more complex ones that will develop their writing skills.


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