How Children Are Being Educated Across the Globe

No matter where you live or where you come from, every parent wants what’s best for their kids – and education is no different. We all contemplate building those college trust funds, saving up for private schools and additional tutoring, and we all do our best to research the local education options so that our youngsters can get the finest education across the globe.

However, some schools rank higher than others, some offer extraordinary teachers, others have unparalleled programs. While some have completely changed their approach to teaching. 

The beauty of such diversity is that we can learn from them all. Knowing how youngsters can learn and skills they develop in education across the globe world is valuable to get the best education out there.

Here are a few education systems across the world that truly excel at what they do. 



Finland is the innovator 

To begin, education across the glob starts in Finland. This significant Scandinavian country is making itself known as the top educator in the world, not just in Europe.

So, what are they doing so differently that they have made such an impact on education across the globe? Teacher’s officially left the comfort zone of teaching. They have no standardized tests, no competition, no comparison, no ranking systems. They teach to prepare their kids for real life, and they do so with such great success that Finns consistently end up the best readers, scientists, and mathematicians.

Also, teachers don’t spend too much time in the classroom, and work in small classes so that each teacher can properly devote time to each student. Their teachers will do whatever it takes, and the country appreciates them for bringing up their youth to greet the world well-equipped. 


Hong Kong is where kids thrive

kids education

A surprising member on this list, Hong Kong has recently started reforming its education institutions in every shape and form. Better-educated teachers, greater diversity in programs, and greater use of tech have enabled them to thrive more than ever. 

However, one aspect where Hong Kong truly blossoms is educating their youngest.

It has become a widespread norm to let their kids join an early education centre in Hong Kong to develop cognitive and motor skills through play and peer bonding. Creative workshops, structured play sessions, and developing social skills from a young age allows them to bring up curious young minds. This leaves student’s thirsty for more knowledge when it’s time to continue their studies. 


Ghana and its soulful studies

education for boys

Education across the globe continues to this African country. It is known for many intriguing stories. But those of its inspiring teachers and students and its take on learning have gained more traction lately – and deservedly so. Imagine rural Ghana where there’s still no electricity, but they’re certainly are students eager to learn.

What do they do?

Generate electricity with merry-go-rounds during the day, only to use that energy to study in the evening. On an equally empowering note, a Ghanaian teacher has recently become famous for his unorthodox teaching method through dancing. He encourages his students to express themselves through dancing and to share their troubles with him. This primal form of expression to connect while they slowly advance through their curriculum. 


Japan and its critical thinkers

The world already values Japan as one of the most well-mannered nations. It’s no coincidence since they invest heavily in teaching their kids moral values and the social etiquette well before they start filling their minds with data. Students are the schools’ janitors. Being respectful in their schools is an entirely new level. In addition to educating their kids about the world, they cherish their own history. Japanese students learn calligraphy and poetry.  Teachers implement highly advanced tech solutions to their classrooms, but the content of their studies always comes first. 


South Korea cherishes its teachers


When you think of best-paid professions, teaching will never cross your mind – unless you’re in South Korea, that is. Ask the millionaire teacher by the name of Kim Ki-Hoon. She makes roughly as much as an average NBA player, which turns out to be around four million dollars per year.  

This is merely a reflection of South Korea’s vested take on reforming their education to boost literacy, innovation, and quality of life. They invest heavily in their best-performing teachers and tutors.  Results show brilliant students that are truly taken care of every step of the way. 

Final thoughts

Every nook of this world has a worthy lesson for teachers, governments, and parents everywhere when it comes to developing education. Use this information to guide your kids and to send them on the finest road there is. To offer insight into the many different ways our world moves forward and develops.


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