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Bootaybag: What is it?

Have you ever heard of Bootaybag? Are you a mom who has a really hard time going to the store to buy clothes let alone new underwear? Do you use clothing boxes monthly to send you clothes because it’s easier to have random poeple pick out clothes for you instead of making time to get to a store to shop for yourself?! Being a mom makes everything like shopping for underwear super difficult. I am a huge online shopper, especially since I discovered the monthly boxes that send you awesome clothes!

This is a mom hack that I bring to you and you need not say thank you, just order! Bootay bag sends you new underwear each month when you sign up.

BootayBag is a monthly women’s underwear subscription – for $12 a month with free shipping, you will receive 2 undies picked to your style and size preference. Whether you prefer all thongs, mix it up, or more coverage, they have something for everyone! This sounded perfect to me since I couldn’t remember the last time I had bought new underwear; it’s still on my To-do list.
They care about our community and with every picture posted on social media with the hashtag #undermatters, BootayBag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation! I love companies that donate to a good cause.
Upon finding this gem on the internet, I hopped on board with Bootaybag and set up an account. It was super easy to do. The bag came rather quick in the mail and it came in the cute little bag above.
Piece #1
My first piece was a thong (love thongs – usually all that I wear). This was the one that I received. What an awesome fall color and honestly something I would never have picked out on my own but since it was sent to me, I tried it on and wow, what a match! It looked nice, it fit really well and it was a ittle bit on the sexy side, which is always nice! I can wear this under my work clothes as well as to just hang out but also to sleep. It has many uses!

Piece #2

My second piece was a partial cover to the backside and super lacy. This is also another one I probably would not buy myself, but again when I put it on, it was really sexy looking and that was nice! Most pieces that I buy are not used for sexy, they’re used for daily and this is something I would put in the category of wearing when you are going on a date night or wearing a nice dress, this is the under garment you want to wear with it. It has a silky feeling to it, which is really nice because you know that it will stay like that and not wear out easily.


After receiving my first bag, I was super impressed. Although they were pieces that I would not have normally have purchased from going into a store, I loved what they sent me. Sometimes it is better to have your clothes picked out by others so that you can look outside of the box. I am very narrow minded when it comes to my clothing and under garments and this really helped me to see other items that I might like as well.

I encourage you to try it out the first time and see what you get. You can never have too many pieces of underwear, so why not?! Maybe you will get some sexy styles out of it… or just some undies that you can feel comfortable in without having to wait 6 months to get to a store!

Sign up here!

[This is a sponsored post in exchange for an honest review. For more information, please visit my Disclaimer page.]

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