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SOL: Trek to the Oregon Coast

Living in Washington state we have tried to make the best of it and travel to all of the amazing places in the Pacific Northwest. We made it to Seattle, Montana, northern Idaho, Southern California but never Oregon. Finally it was time. 

Mt. Hood

We made the trip from Inland Washington to the Oregon coast. 7.5 hours one way. We decided instead of driving the whole way on Thursday, we stopped in Mt. Hood. My god it was beautiful ! We stayed at a golf resort in the middle of the forest. The prices were high because of the eclipse (perfect timing on our part right?!) 

The temperature dropped 25 degrees from the main highway into the Mt. Hood National Forest but it was almost refreshing because it went from 90 to 65. 

Coastal Oregon: Seaside

The next day we got up and drove to the coast. Seaside Oregon. They had a lot of family things to do. Arcades, an aquarium, a few rides. It was a family friendly town. Easy to find hotels that were not too expensive to stay in and we were able to walk to the beach, stores and restaurants. 

Astoria, OR

This is where the Goonies house was from the movie and let me tell you, nothing to write home about in that town there. I don’t even have any pictures. We were there 5 minutes, drove to the house and you couldn’t even see it from the road and it’s on a private dead end road you can’t drive up without turning around. Sooooo… I would say not worth it.  

Cannon Beach, OR

While staying on the coast, we made it to Cannon Beach.  I must say I was the most impressed with this little town of the 3 towns on the coast we visited. It was beautiful. Windy and cold but beautiful. The town was cute and had some great shops and it just had a coastal town vibe. I would highly recommend coming to this town. The highlight of the town is of course the famous rock off the beach. You have to see it when you go there. 

Portland Zoo, OR

On our way out of the coast, we decided to break up our trip by going to the Portland Zoo. It was pretty nice, small enough to do in 3-4 hours and not feel like you’re missing anything. It’s also right on the way out of the coast so it was a perfect location to stop at.  I’m obviously bias because I would always go to the Bronx Zoo but it’s the closest nice Zoo that we have over here. The prices were not out of control either, they were about $12 per person. 

Overall we had a wonderful little family trip. I would highly recommend going to Mt. Hood, Cannon Beach, and the Portland Zoo. Make those trips! All beautiful places. 


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  1. Such wonderful photos! Your trip looks fabulous! So many beautiful places to visit. One more getting added to my forever-long list …

  2. Brings back some great memories of days at the Oregon coast a long time ago- glad it is still magical.

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