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Cheers to You, Mama, this Valentine’s Day Eve

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Coming up on Valentine’s Day, I find myself reflecting on years past.  Valentine’s Day has meant so many different things at so many different times.  There were the single days, where Valentine’s Day meant a night in, or out, with your girlfriends.  It typically included ample amounts of wine and lots of girl power.  Each of you was so AWESOME, who needs a man anyway, right?!


Then, your prayers were answered, and there were the picture-perfect Valentine’s Days with “the one”… your hubby-to-be.  They were sugary-sweet and filled with champagne, chocolate and romance.  This holiday was no longer about you and your awesome, independent spirit. It was more about how much brighter the future looked when you gazed into it in the arms of the one you loved so much.  Feeling those butterflies again?  I certainly am!


These days, it’s no longer just the two of you.  Your love has grown into a beautiful family, and Valentine’s Day is special and fun in a whole different way.  That bright future, is now.  And, the pressure is (somewhat) off of your hubby to make the day amazing for you…partly because you’re in the comfortable place of knowing how much you mean to one another, and partly because you’re thinking of other things.  Other things like: How can I get THE biggest smiles from my children as they wake up to celebrate this holiday they’ve been excited about for weeks?  How do I recreate those memories from my childhood of the special cookies my Mom would make? And the beautiful outfits she would make sure I was dressed in…and a million other tiny details filled with the love that only a mother can provide?


This year, on Valentine’s Day Eve, I challenge you to take it back full-circle. Back to recognizing everything that is awesome about you.  Yes, you’re a wife and a mom now, which makes you an even MORE amazing woman!


So, take an hour just to do something that you truly love.  Maybe you used to get lost in writing, drawing or painting?  Maybe it’s just catching up with an old friend who knew you way back when.  Whatever it is that your soul is craving, give yourself the gift of actually doing it. And, just like that, you’ll be back in touch with your inner awesome again.  It can be easy to lose sight of in the day-to-day. Now, remember that everyone else still sees what you may not.  To your husband, you are as beautiful as the day you met (if not more so now) and to your kids, you are larger than life.


Here’s to you, mama, on this wonderful Valentine’s Day Eve.


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Kristal is a former Marketing Manager, turned Stay-at-Home Mom & Wife and creator of Lattes & Little Hugs blog.  When she’s not blogging, she enjoys exploring Virginia with hubby (Erik), daughter (Emerson), son (Luke) and fur-baby (Bentley). Planners, calendars and fun pens and great skincare are just a few of her favorite things. www.lattesandlittlehugs.com

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