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Valentine’s Day Guy Gifts for Every Mama’s Budget

Valentine’s Day is a special standout day to spend with your loved one. It can be challenging to find the perfect gift for your partner however, especially when you’ve been together many years. I challenge you to take it back full-circle. Back to recognizing everything that is awesome about you and your loved one.  Yes, you’re a wife and a mom now, which makes you an even MORE amazing woman and your husband a great man! So here are some ‘Guy Gifts’, including ones that are more expensive and ones that are more affordable.

Valentine's Day is challenging to find the perfect gift for your partner. Here's a list of Valentine's Day Guy Gifts, expensive and affordable gifts.

Valentine's Day is challenging to find the perfect gift for your partner. Here's a list of Valentine's Day Guy Gifts, expensive and affordable gifts.

More expensive Valentine’s Day gifts



A nice pair of headphones is something that your guy will use every day. They are an investment and they will last years, making it a special gift to give your loved one. Air-pods, for example, are sold separately from the iPhone and they take away the chord complications.

A designer piece

Designer clothes are that ‘something special’ and add a bit of luxury to your closet. Consider what your guy wears the most in his day-to-day and what he says that we wants or needs for his wardrobe, and then gift him a designer piece of it. You could check out stores like Luisaviaroma for some inspiration: for example in the new Off-White men’s collection there are many classic yet stylish sweatshirts that any guy would like.


Tech gadget

Who doesn’t love a tech gadget? The Amazon Echo Show 8, for example, is an  8-inch smart screen that makes daily activities such as cooking, checking the weather and scrolling through your media more convenient.

Fitness watch

A fitness watch is both motivational, practical and a thoughtful gift. Especially if your guy is into fitness and wants a way to track his progress, a fitness watch such as the FitBit Versa 2 is the perfect gift.



A nice backpack is your guy’s version of a new purse for you. A nice Fjällräven will last your guy a long time and he’ll surely love it.


More affordable Valentine’s Day gifts


Fun t-shirt

T-shirts can get a bit repetitive, so a fun shirt is a great gift to give. Find one in a style you know he likes and have fun picking one out for him that shows his personality.

valentine's day gifts
Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels


Skincare set

A skincare set isn’t typically something that many guys would buy for themselves or really know where to start. The thought that goes behind a skincare set tailored for him is something he will surely appreciate it, and it is a nice little luxury for every guy to have.


Personalized phone case

If you want to give your partner an unexpected but thoughtful gift, consider giving them a customized phone case. You are free to design the case however you want to fit their style.


Good book

A good book is always a good gift. Find one of his favorite genre, an inspirational book, or one tied to a place where you two have always wanted to travel together.


Cold brew maker

If your partner is a coffee lover, or even if he wants to venture into the coffee world, a cold brew maker is a great gift that he will want to use everyday.. and it’s surprisingly affordable! Gift him a pack of his favorite roast and maybe even a to-go cup and it makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift basket.

100% Kona Coffee

A bottle of whiskey

A special bottle of whiskey (or whatever he likes) is an easy and affordable yet thoughtful gift. Make note of what he likes when you go out for date night or what he says he liked trying when he was out with friends one night. If he doesn’t already have some, gift him some whisky glasses too!

Final thoughts

These are just some suggestions, but you can always gift an experience, something homemade, or just focus on your time together. The important thing is that, whatever it is, the present comes from the heart.

So, in the end take an hour just to do something that you truly love.  Maybe you used to get lost in writing, drawing or painting?  Maybe it’s just catching up with an old friend who knew you way back when.  Whatever it is that your soul is craving, give yourself the gift of actually doing it. And, just like that, you’ll be back in touch with your inner awesome again.  It can be easy to lose sight of in the day-to-day. Now, remember that everyone else still sees what you may not.  To your husband, you are as beautiful as the day you met (if not more so now) and to your kids, you are larger than life.


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