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Common Winter Pests You Need to Watch Out This Season

Summer season is almost over, and we are about to welcome the winter season! You might be getting ready to go on a winter shopping spree to buy a pair of jackets, long boots and scarfs to combat the harsh weather once it starts hitting the minus temperatures. Or you might be thinking to upgrade your heating system to have cosy dozy winter nights. But while you are getting ready to bear the winter’s spell, don’t let your guard down from winter pests.


How to prepare

Yes, winter is indeed that time of the year when we get some relief from buzzing mosquitoes and some other uninvited pests. But it doesn’t mean that your life is going to be totally pest-free. There are are some winter pests and rodents that love to be our guests during winters (no matter how much we hate to be their hosts!).

So, besides all other winter preparations, you should also call professional services like powerpestcontrol.ca, for a detailed pest control spray in your house. It will prevent your uninvited guests from irritating you when you will already be fed up of fighting with a deadly cold.

Here are some winter pests that you should watch out during winters:



You think that termites are only hot-weather creatures? Ah…you need to think again before the precious wooden work of your house gets blown away by them. Most people believe that termites, just like mosquitoes, get lost during the winter season, but it is not true. Some classes of termites love winters, and they can reproduce in your home unbothered even during the winter season. In fact, termites are known to cause property damage of several billion every year. So, just don’t forget to get rid of them during winters as well!



Those creepy creatures that all of us hate (without any exception I think – at least that is what I believe and wish!), called as cockroaches, are not only summers intruders. They also barge in our home during winters. They live on two things: food and humidity. As both of them are also available in ample amount during the winter season, so cockroaches are a year-round headache. The best way to keep them away from your home is to keep your washrooms and kitchens dry and dispose of garbage properly.



Spiders are not found freely roaming in our homes like cockroaches. However, they can be hanging somewhere in undisturbed places – even during winters. They like to live in not-so-frequently visited areas like basements, attics, places under the staircases or closets. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be bothered by their presence.


Besides, making dirty webs in your home, do you know some spider species can be deadly? Like, North American Wolf spiders are not some harmless spiders but contain venom. Similarly, Black Widow Spider’s bite can also be deadly. It is better to clean your house thoroughly and mow the grass regularly to prevent entry and production of spiders in your home.


Get ready to embrace winter by being fully prepared to combat its cold temperature as well as creepy pests. Have a happy winter!


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