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3 Components to Morale in the Parenting Unit

Sometimes we cannot keep a handle on our stress. We find that a stressful morning soon turns into something more overwhelming if we let it. As parents, we have to remember that we can feel downtrodden and overwhelmed by school commutes, trying to work, the house duties, and the list goes on! We have to remember that we all have a duty to keep morale up. Sometimes it’s not so easy, but there are little things that we can do to keep spirits up. What are these?

 Sometimes it's not so easy to keep up with the morale for parenting, but there are little things that we can do to keep spirits up. Read on


The Importance of Gifts

Gifts are a great way to keep spirits up because they are a little token of support during a tough time. If your partner has been eyeing up a Nautilus Collector’s watch and you have the funds available, it’s amazing what it can do for their frame of mind. Sometimes we feel that we shouldn’t treat ourselves because we’ve got to save money for the long-term, but we all deserve those little moments of splurging. A little gift is going to work wonders for your frame of mind because it’s giving you the permission to indulge in the things that make you happy.



The Importance of Breaks

A break does everybody good, but we don’t think that we have time. When we are in a negative frame of mind, we are inherently focused on getting through the week, but sometimes we need to step away from the routine. We can do this in many ways. Sometimes we can book a day off and look after ourselves. Or we ask for help from the in-laws or the grandparents. A few hours is just what we need because we’ve got to decompress, but we’ve also got to recharge. It’s crucial to take time away.

And even if you cannot do this in a physical sense, remember you can do this mentally. There will be a time when you have 10 minutes to yourself, even if it is late at night, and taking the opportunities to control your stress will help you sleep better, think better, and feel better. It isn’t difficult to take control of our stress because stress is the body’s reaction to something. There are techniques like deep breathing that will help you. But we have to remember that it’s not about doing these things once, it’s about practicing them.

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Remember That It’s Ok to Make Mistakes

We can feel that everything has got to be perfect, especially when trying to raise children. The reality is that we can’t get it right 100% of the time. If we give ourselves permission to make mistakes, this is going to help us feel like we are able to have control over the bad things. Once we make mistakes, we have to remember to learn from them. Sometimes the other parent may want things perfect, but perfection is impossible to attain.



Morale is something that we should keep up on a regular basis, rather than implementing it when things take a nosedive. Prevention is better than cure!



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