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How To Cook Healthy Foods Using Palm Oil For Your Family

Moms, we are always trying to make everything that we feed our children healthier! Palm Oil is the healthier version for cooking oil. Malaysian Palm Oil can help change how you cook your meal so for your family. This article provides recipes and ideas on how to cook healthier.

When you are a busy mom, most of the time you are in a rush to make dinner and not worrying about what ingredients we are throwing into our cooking. Getting the meal on the table is the one and only important goal! But what if you could continue to make your meals quickly and healthier? I think that is a win-win for busy moms! How can you make your meals for your families healthier? The first place to start is your cooking.

What is Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil?

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) is the healthy replacement for partially hydrogenated oil because it is trans fat-free and rich in nutrients. Palm oil comes from a fruit and is used to replace the trans fat-laden partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) in products. Many food manufacturers have switched over now to natural tropical fats like Malaysian palm oil to get rid of these PHOs. Did you know that PHOs have been shown to increase heart disease, diabetes, and stroke risk so the FBA has restricted their use?


Palm Oil Recipes for Healthier Cooking

Are you struggling to find recipes for healthier cooking? Here are a few recipes that are really tasty and great to make with palm oil. Palm Oil is considered to be one of the top choices for food manufacturers due to its versatility and diversity in application. It is a balanced fatty acid composition and has a high content of Vitamin E. Here are some palm oil recipes to help busy moms provide healthier cooking for their family.

Baked Sweet Potato Fries Recipe


Truffle & Herb Spiked Cheesy Popcorn


Better-for-you Chicken Nuggets Recipe


Malaysia is a sustainable oil country

Have you ever been to Malaysia? I have yet to go, but my brother went last year on his honeymoon and they absolutely loved it. It was interesting that I received this Malaysian Palm Oil box that came with tons of information not only on healthier cooking recipes, but it also gave me tons of quality reading information on Malaysia.

Did you know that Malaysia is a responsible palm oil producer? Much of the United States palm oil is sourced from Malaysia where they put the planet and people first. Malaysia was the first company to produce sustainable oil and it’s strengthening its commitment by implementing a nationwide Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil certification program. You do not have to worry when you see their label on products!


Palm Oil supports a cause

Not only does the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil producers help make life healthier for humans, they are also making sure the habitat where palm oil is found is not destroyed. They have shown more than 90 years of responsible plantation practices on legally approved agricultural land in addorance with legislation in their country. They have made sure that palm cultivation does not cause deforestation or loss of wildlife and their habitat through a focused conservation research programme. This is so important because many major manufacturers are just in it for the money and don’t care what gets ruined during the process. This fact makes me love this company just a little bit more!


Where to shop for Palm Oil

Here are some links that will help you find more information on Palm Oil.

palmoilhealth.org   | Facebook | Twitter

{I received this product free from Moms Meet (momsmeet.com) to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.}

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