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How a DockATot Can Be Used For Toddlers

Looking to transition your child to a bed kid bed? Going on vacation and need something for your toddler to sleep in since they are too big for a crib but too small for a normal sized bed? Well, I have the perfect solution for you.

Dockatot has these amazing multitasking stage docks for babies ages 9-36 months. They are comfy and easy to move. They are perfect for kids like my daughter who love to lay on the floor and read a book or watch tv and perfect when they want to lay on your bed and you are nervous they will fall off.

Recently discovering this product, I thought I was too late in getting one for my daughter but when I looked at the Dockatot, I found that they can go up to 40lbs and my daughter is not there yet. She loves laying on the floor with all her blankets and this would be the perfect item for her to lay in. The Grand is perfect for cuddling, playing, lounging, resting and everything in between.

Another thing I found out that Dockatot was perfect for was traveling! As you know we travel quite a bit and stay in many hotels. Since my daughter is now out of a crib, we are unsure of how she would sleep in a hotel. Would she sleep in a bed? Would we get a crib? This Dockatot has solved our problems. She will now be able to sleep in the bed in the Dockatot and we won’t be worried about her falling off the bed.


I wish I had learned of this amazing product when my daughter was transitioning to bed because they apparently are really helpful during transition times! There are build in, air permeable sides that act as bed rails and it allows children to settle into a bigger bed easier. Wow! That would have been a lifesaver.

It is great that all materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic. Even their filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers and offer hygienic and non-toxic properties. Designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe.


Dockatot not only has amazing products but they have many different colors and sizes to meet you and your children’s needs. Make sure to check them out and see what they offer!


Use this coupon code to receive $10 off of your Dockatot!


[This is a sponsored post in exchange for a 100% honest review. Please visit my disclaimer page for more information.]

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