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5 Eco-Friendly Practices to Teach Kids about Sustainable Living

Sustainability is critical for the health of our earth, and there is a lot to it! Instilling respect for the environment from a young age in children is so important, as this will make it more natural for them to become aware of the environment and to live a sustainable lifestyle. Here are a few tips for how you can teach your children about sustainable living:

Sustainability is critical for the health of our earth, and it's a lot! Here's a few tips for how you can teach your children about sustainable living:

Teach them to save water

Water is a limited resource, but this is a difficult concept for children to grasp! Nevertheless, you can teach them to save water at home and how it is all part of a bigger plan where every single person can make a difference. To help them better understand and put things into prospective, talk to them about the projects and water scarcity solutions that countries around the world are adopting. In day to day life, you can make a game of it by seeing who can be quickest to turn water off between hand washing, who can take the shortest showers, etc.

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Explain why it’s important to recycle

The act of recycling is important regardless, but teaching your children about why it is important to recycle will help encourage them to not only do it, but also get excited to recycle! When they grow up with a respect for the environment, little acts that they can do to care for the environment will be second nature and also make them feel proud of themselves. You can learn about the why first, and then have them help set up a recycle station at home or give ideas on how you can improve your existing system. They will also feel more inclined to use your existing recycling system if they understand why it is important to put items in the correct section.

Make compost together

It’s no secret that kids like to get their hands dirty! Build a composter together and teach them about organic matter and where it comes from. This is a project that will certainly keep them entertained and will for sure capture their attention.


Plant a garden with them

Planting is a way your kids get outside and have some fun while also learning about the environment and nutrition. It shows them where food comes from, gets them excited about healthy produce, and gives them a project they can get excited about and see the fruits of their labor! Depending on the space you have at home, you can plant a garden in planter boxes for a compact solution or even start out with some herbs inside. To start the education around growing food, head to the local farmers’ market!

take your kids to the farmer's market
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Volunteer cleaning up a park or such

While your kids are outside of the house, they can continue with their sustainable living habits! There are many environment-focused volunteer opportunities out there, such as cleaning up a park or your local beaches. Make it a fun activity, and encourage them to continue this habit of always cleaning up after themselves while out as well as picking up things they see at the park on their own.


Even with all these ways to teach your children about sustainable living, the greatest lesson you can give your child is the example you set for them. So be sure to lead the way and they will instinctively pick up on certain habits.


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