6 Ways You Can Benefit From Yoga After Pregnancy

It is quite obvious to have a mixed storm of emotions if you have recently been a mom. It can be an extreme joy if you just had a baby. The joy of holding your little one in your arms is one of the most serene senses of happiness in the universe. Along with the many blessings of family and friends, there is no denying the fact that there is another phase of emotions that you might struggle with soon after childbirth.

Apart from the delight of bringing your little soul to the world, there runs an unknown sense of distress and irritability. This anger and frustration are not intentional but totally hormonal. The rigors of pregnancy can make your mood swing too fast. These sudden mixed emotions can be much more bothering than physical discomforts.

The crushing fatigue and tired body can easily define your post-pregnancy state. It is obvious that you cannot go for any medicine to deal with such mood swings when you have already started breastfeeding your baby. Furthermore, it becomes difficult and sometimes embarrassing when you can’t take control of your mood in front of others. Yes, because what is going within you can be best felt by you and nobody else.

Most women get back to their day to day life soon after delivery while their body is still recovering. Instead of stressing your body, Yoga can extremely benefit your postnatal health. Here are some amazing benefits of yoga after pregnancy:

Most women get back to their daily life after baby. Yoga can extremely benefit your postnatal health. Here's some amazing benefits of yoga after pregnancy:

Reduce Stress and Tension

The excitement and expectancy are over, and the real job of cradling a little human has started. This inexperienced job can cause real stress and anxiety. The journey of bringing up a child is always filled with sudden surprises where some surprises can be really fun while others can be stressed. If you are a new mom, then it is obvious to feel a sudden drop in your energy level in addition to weakness, fatigue, anxiousness and a lot more. this can not only affect your health but can also be a danger for your baby.

Take some time out of routine to sit quietly in peace and meditate. Meditation can be an immense source of peace and happiness in your life. Moreover, practicing postnatal light exercises can easily help you in overcoming this physical and emotional transformation. A good morning routine including pranayama, yoga, and meditation can help you to mother your newborn with poised harmony and happiness.

Being a yoga enthusiast and an instructor in yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, I always advise new moms to take part in physical exercises like yoga to rejuvenate their postnatal body.

A consistent postnatal yoga routine with breath control exercises helps in reducing stress and fatigue. A good mental and physical state makes you parent your child more efficiently.

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Enhance Your Energy Level

After the rigors of pregnancy, childbirth and of course labour, the body undergoes several changes. Even after such sufferings, you are filled with compassion towards the newly born. But, along with managing the effects of pregnancy, now you have an additional responsibility of the newborn. This might lead to an instant decrease in the energy level soon after pregnancy.

The best thing you can do for your health is taking a good nutritious diet along with a sound sleep. Doing yoga activates your body and brings the organs back to activeness therefore, poses like locust pose and plank vinyasa can be a great energy booster.

To enhance your energy, you can go for more light to moderate yoga poses, this will not only pep you up but will also sharpen your brain and body. Besides toning the body, a yoga routine fastens the postnatal recovery.

Tuning with poses makes you move which automatically generates optimum activity and heat in your body thereby resulting in better cure and circulation. If you just had a baby it is normal to have some sleepless nights but the recovering body that too without rest can disturb your peace and health. Yoga after pregnancy helps you to recover and rejuvenate your energy.


Cures Postpartum Depression

Baby blues are common after pregnancy- feeling distressed, lonely, sad, lazy and also weepy after delivering a baby. At the same time, many moms encounter a sudden weight gain during pregnancy. All this together can really ruin your mental state. These unexpected changes often lead new moms to postpartum depression.

Such depressions do not last long but yes, mommies, this state can be very dangerous for your motherhood. Stressed mind and body can spoil the environment you want to bring up your child. Postpartum depression can last for weeks and also for months. This depression weakens your ability to work and also makes it difficult to parent your little one.

Do not worry, yoga can be a great natural healer for all your mood disorders. Practicing yoga reduces postpartum depression. A regular blend of pranayama and yoga facilitates good blood circulation sending rich oxygen to your brain that pacifies your mental state and rejuvenates your mood.  A study that took place in 2015 published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice concluded that the women who joined two yoga classes in a week experienced an improvement in their depression as compared to those who went for a controlled or inconsistent yoga session.

The moral of the case is that stick to your yoga routine to calm your mind, body, and spirit.

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Stabilize Your Core

Postnatal yoga will not exactly bring your waistline back but yes, they must be more focused on redefining your core with immense strength and health. Over-exercising soon after delivery just to flat your stomach can cost you negatively. Excessive stress on your tummy can be problematic rather you should focus on healing your core naturally.

Core is the region between ribs and pelvic floor. Pregnancy causes dramatic changes to your core and weakens it gradually. Yoga helps in training your core to get back to normal slowly and naturally. Light-to-moderate exercises can really help you to gain the young core and eradicate the problem after delivery.

Pranayama like Ujjayi breathing technique and yoga asanas like locust pose can be of ultimate help.

Yoga harmonizes your core and heals you both physically and mentally.


Strengthen Your Body

You have allowed some rest to your body after birth, now it’s time to regain your power and strength to come back to normal life. Along with healing the core, yoga also strengthens your overall body.

Yoga helps in proper blood circulation leading to less fatigue and more activeness. Practicing yoga soothes your sore muscles and brings them back on an active track.

Yoga infuses ultimate strength and flexibility in your body opening up your possibilities.

Yoga also helps you to lose your unnecessary weight gain after pregnancy naturally. With yoga, you will encounter a good muscle growth that will rejuvenate your mind and physical strength.

Therefore, adopt this gentle approach of prenatal yoga to redefine your life with your little one.


Meet Other New Moms

Attending regular yoga classes soon after your delivery can be great fun. Nine months of rest and care often make the body rigid and stiff. Even if you are a working mother or not, you will feel the reduced level of activeness after pregnancy.

Staying home can take you to isolation resulting in depression and anxiety. When you join yoga and make a regular routine you get a chance to step out of your home and life and spend some time with the other moms. This not only motivates you mentally but also infuses power to give better motherhood.

In a studio, you will meet several other moms with several parenting stories and ideas. Besides gaining good physical and mental health, you will also gain some amazing tips to bring your kid beautifully.

Most women get back to their daily life after baby. Yoga can extremely benefit your postnatal health. Here's some amazing benefits of yoga after pregnancy:


Therefore, it is always crazy to meet people with the same worries and joy as this makes you learn the most about parenting better.

Postnatal yoga benefits you in healing your body and cleaning your spirit. Postnatal yoga helps you in fighting stress and anxiety naturally. A good yoga routine also cultivates better parenting. Group classes can be extremely helpful in gaining experience.


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  1. Hi Dhruv, I’m a witness to this. I used to do yoga stretches prior to becoming pregnant. While pregnant, I didn’t push it too much but still it helped me with my back pains. After I gave birth, I began exercising and meditating once more and it does help! Great post!

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