5 Effective Tips for Helping Kids Build Their Vocabulary

Every parent would love their children to have a long-flowing build vocabulary. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t know how to go about it and often assume that it’s something children will have to develop organically. Or they think this is an ability you have to be born with. But there are plenty of things that you can do to introduce new words into your child’s vocabulary and push them to have a passion for words in general. Let’s take a look at a few tips you can follow to enrich your children’s vocabulary.

Every parent would love their children to have a long flowing vocabulary. Let's take a look at a few tips you can follow to enrich your children's vocabulary.

Watch Grown Up Stuff with them

A lot of people assume that children’s books would be the best way to teach a child new words, but they are often written with simplistic language and won’t do much to improve their vocabulary. Instead, try to watch things like the news with them, or documentaries. Children are naturally curious and want to know more about the world, so don’t think they will be bored.

The thing about children being sponges when they’re younger is not a myth, and the sooner you introduce them to a wide variety of words, the more they’ll be able to memorize and use them. Documentaries and news reports naturally have lots of different words in them, with some of them being very complex. This is the type of material that will really develop a child’s vocabulary.

Use Games and Applications

Games are another great way to add more words to your child’s vocabulary or encourage them to learn new ones. Scramble and Words with Friends are two games that automatically come to mind. You can also take a tool like Unscramble and use it as a free teaching tool.

Or you could check out apps like Word to Word that help you commit new words to memory by giving you a list of words and forcing you to make associations between them. Other applications to check out include Word of the Day, Anki, and 7 Little Words, just to name a few.

Encourage them to Read

The best way to add new words to your vocabulary remains to read, so you have to find a way to instill the love of reading into your children. If you feel like they’re mature enough to read short novels, then you could introduce some children-friendly classic novels like Anne of Green Gables or the Three Musketeers. Another thing you could do would be to introduce them to comics.

Some comics have very elaborate dialogue and vocabulary, and your children will naturally want to learn some of the words they don’t understand. This will allow them to build their vocabulary in a fun way, and if they love a series, they could end up learning thousands of new words in a very short time.

Encourage them to Write a Journal

Writing is a great tool for internalizing words and learning how to use them correctly. Getting children to write for no reason can be tough, but one thing you could do would be to encourage them to write a journal. This will allow them to let their thoughts run freely and they’ll soon be able to use all sorts of different words in conversation.

Engage in Conversation

Talk with your children regularly and make sure that you don’t dumb down your vocabulary. Be ready to explain any word they don’t know and ask open-ended questions so they can learn how to use words correctly. And if they use a word the wrong way or use the wrong word, let them know and give them a few alternative words that they could use.

All of these tips will help your child develop a rich and diverse vocabulary that could give them an edge academically and socially. The more words you can introduce into their life in a fun way, the richer their vocabulary will get and the more likely they will start pursuing ways of enriching it on their own.

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