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5 Reasons Why You Need Encourage Art At Home For Kids

Being creative and having an imagination are two key ingredients to be a kid. Unfortunately, not always are these guaranteed to kids based on their lives at home. Art can help aid imagination and creativity in children. It seems only in daycare or kindergarten do children get to have art be a part of their days. Once they hit grade school, many classrooms teachers just don’t have time to incorporate it.

Creating art may boost young children’s ability to analyze and problem-solve in myriad ways, according to Mary Ann F. Kohl, author of Primary Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product. These are just two small reason why art should be included in your children’s daily lives. Being able to support your child’s teacher by encouraging art at home helps children gain that imagination.

Below are 5 reasons why you need to encourage art at home for your kids.



Allows their imagination to run wild

By having art at home, it allows kids a chance to have an imagination. Providing markers, crayons, paint, activity books, easels, etc. for your children to explore their artistic abilities. Many children who don’t participate in art at home, have difficulty in school using their imagination. Creating a location in your home to encourage art is key to helping children want to paint or draw.



Brings families together

When your child wants to color or draw, do it with them! Take out the materials, help them set up the area and create pictures as a family. This can be a fun bonding experience for family members, especially when school starts, and everyone is busy.  Painting workshop is also a great opportunity to bond as a family.


Enjoy quiet time

Drawing and coloring at home can be done with soft music as a calming activity. It can even be a great transition into a bedtime routine. Creating pictures or paintings quietly can help calm the mind and bring a bit of quiet through the house. Encourage children to find a nice, quiet location to do their work and then hang up their masterpieces when they are done.


Expand creative minds

Using your creative juices as a child can help you become artistic as you get older. The love of drawing or painting won’t disappear as easily if continued throughout childhood. Unfortunately, when kids are school age, many classes don’t get to use their artistic skills. This is where practicing it at home can help increase the love of art and children pursuing it in the future.


Develop fine motor skill

Did you know that art is a great way for students to help develop fine motor skills when they are younger? Being able to hold a paint brush, or cut with scissors, glue an object to paper, or color in the lines are skills that you learn from being artistic. They might seem menial but when a child goes to 3rd grade not knowing how to use a scissor, this is where art at home can really help prepare them. At home it is easier to correct and show the proper way to use and hold certain items. Allowing children to just cut scrap paper and practice that skill can help them be able to grip a pencil better.


Create an artistic space

My daughter loves art: drawing, coloring, painting, gluing, designing, etc. Usually her creativity would take place at our kitchen table or the counter in the kitchen. These were not ideal places for all the supplies and papers every time she wanted to be creative. I didn’t want to discourage her from doing this, but I also couldn’t have a kitchen table covered in supplies before dinner. I searched Amazon and found this amazing Art Easel made by Delta Children. Knowing and loving this brand already, I knew I had to have it.


After easily setting up the easel, we place it a corner in my daughter’s playroom and she was ecstatic. It had all her supplies in the back bucket and she was able to draw on the easel or put her papers on it to draw. She went straight to work. This location was not only perfect for her to put all her materials, but she made it her own artistic space.

Some of the pictures she has created in her art space are wonderful! We have added an area on the wall where she can hang her pictures. I love that we can add in a special touch to her playroom and help keep her imagination rolling. This art easel has been such a great addition to my daughter’s play area, she uses it every single day when she comes home from school.

Additional reference: More reasons for encouraging art

Delta Children’s Art Easel can be bought at either Walmart or Amazon. Make sure to check them out and get your art space in your house set up now!



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  1. Love this post! I whole-heartedly agree with everything you’ve written! I’m a K teacher and I wish all my students had experiences doing art regularly at home!!

    1. Yes! I am a 3rd grade teacher and when they come to 3rd grade they have lost all of their imagination and creation altogether. It is so sad.

  2. I absolute love this! Encouraging art at home is so important, and it is one of our favorite activities! I love watching their imaginations blossom, and run wild!

  3. I am not a particularly craft mom but my kids love drawing and painting to they all make time to do it on their own which is awesome. We always have a bag of crayons, paints and markers somewhere in the house 🙂

  4. I agree with all of these, especially nurturing their creative skills!

  5. Art is so important for fine motor development and encouraging creative thinking! We had an art closet growing up and now my girls have the same access to art supplies and all things needed for fun projects!

  6. I always loved drawing as a kid, still do, and I’ve always wanted to encourage my children to love art too. It’s so important for imagination and creativity.

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