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9 Frugal Tips for Families to Save Money & Still Enjoy!

Isn’t it wonderful when the sun starts to shine a little bit more? When the days and mornings are a little lighter and you can hear birds singing amongst the daffodils and snowdrops? Spring is certainly on the way which means that we all want to spend more time away from the TV, tech and screens and get involved in fun family activities.

Unfortunately, when you’re on a tight budget or you’re monitoring every spend you make – if you’re worried about money then consider help from Creditfix – then keeping the kids entertained on a shoestring isn’t always easy. Especially when all their friends seem to spend their free time at theme parks, zoos and the cinema. So, with this in mind, I’ve come up with 9 ways you can save money this Spring and still have fun! Read on to find out more. 

Spring is certainly here and means we all want to spend more time away from the TV, tech and screens. Here's 9 frugal tips for families to still have fun!

A treasure hunt

With the ground (hopefully) a little drier and the sun shining, your garden is the perfect place to spend a crisp afternoon playing with the kids. Setting up an old fashioned treasure hunt with cleverly thought out clues, maps and prizes will keep everyone entertained. You can even start the treasure hunt in the house, a good idea if the air is still a little chilly.


Try some gardening

Now that Spring is in the air, your garden is starting to come back to life. Get the kids involved and get them to help you clear away all the dead leaves, the debris and rake up all the dead foliage in your outdoor space. It might be a little dull, but the kids could try planting some flowers or even creating a bird-box for some garden visitors to make themselves at home in. 

gardening on a budget
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Go for a walk!

It’s fun, it’s free and despite the initial grumbles from the kids – everyone will have fun. Discover some local walks in your area and take a picnic for the afternoon. As long as everyone is wrapped up warm there shouldn’t be too much of a protest! See who can count the most snowdrops or spot the most daffodils, take wellies so you can all jump in those muddy puddles and enjoy the fresh air.

walking with the family

Head to the library

The library is often overlooked! But it’s a real treasure-trove of books, activities and fun all year round and the best thing – it’s free! The kids can choose some books to take home or see what activities they have going on. Check out upcoming events and make plans to spend more time enjoying your local amenities. From puppet shows and guest readers to story time and writing classes for kids and adults, go and check it out! 


Visit local museums and theatre

Due to the time of year, many local places of interest will have either free admissions or severely discounted prices. Meaning that you can save money and entertain the kids at the same time. Check out local museums or see if there are any workshops or shows on at your local theatre. 

museum with the family on a budget
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A movie afternoon

Spring doesn’t always guarantee good weather, so if you’re stuck indoors while the rain lashes at the windows don’t fret! A movie afternoon is a wonderful way to spend some time indoors and in each other’s company. Let the kids choose the movie between them, and if they’re feeling super creative, let them make cinema tickets that they can hand out and then stamp before the showing. Add lots of beanbags, cushions, throws and blankets around your “cinema”, string up some glittery lights and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to provide lots of cinema-style snacks like popcorn, nachos and potato chips! 

Learn about something new

Does your child love dinosaurs? Or are they learning about a particular country at school? Why not spend an afternoon researching and finding out something new together? You won’t need much, just an internet connection and maybe a printer if you wanted to create a display all about your chosen subject. It can be a place, an animal, a culture or even a new language! 



Spring is all about tidying and freshening things up. So, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly activity this weekend then how about decluttering and tidying the kids’ rooms? Old toys, books that are no longer loved, clothes they’ve grown out of and dirty dishes and cups. Get the kids to decide what they want to keep, toss or donate and then have a rejig of their rooms. Switch the furniture around, lay a new rug or hang some new posters. It’s a simple activity that’s practical too!

Go to the park

A couple of hours at the local park will certainly keep the kids entertained while you watch on. Slides, swings, the sandbox, climbing frames, the kids will have a blast – for free! 


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