Getting Pregnant After 35: How To Prepare

Becoming a mother is probably the most precious thing for any woman. However, some do not get the chance before the age of thirty-five, due to some physical complications. Others choose not to get pregnant for some personal reasons. Whatever be the reason, if you are planning to conceive after thirty-five years of age, you should be well-aware and well-equipped to make the best choice for your baby.

This blog will help you plan your pregnancy after 35 in the healthiest way possible.

It might not be easy to get pregnant when you are over 35. If you are planning to get pregnant after 35, here are the things that you must know.

It might not be easy to get pregnant when you are over 35. If you are planning to get pregnant after 35, here are the things that you must know.

Things you must know Before Planning Post 35-Year-pregnancy

If you are planning to get pregnant after the age of 35 years, here are the things that you must know:

It is possible to get pregnant after thirty-five unlike popular belief

It is believed that the age after 35 is ‘advanced maternal age’. This means that there is a high-risk for complications among women who wish to get pregnant at this age. However, it is not impossible to get pregnant at this age. Women can still get pregnant via medical and natural means. According to Dr. Juli Fraga, a psychologist from San Francisco and a specialist in the reproductive health of women confirmed that women, over thirty-five years, are usually healthy, and they can have babies. There are enough examples of women having kids at the age of 35 or after, including the famous American singer, Carrie Underwood.

A few facts about pregnancy after the age of thirty-five:

  • A study showed that women who had a child after the age of 35 are four times more likely to be alive till 100 years as compared to women who give birth at a younger age.
  • Women who gave birth over thirty-five are happier.
  • A recent study showed that new moms who are 35+, have improved mental reasoning, problem-solving, and memory due to the secretion hormone at the time of the pregnancy.

Getting Pregnant After 35

The Risks Related To Pregnancy Over The Age Of Thirty-Five

There is a higher risk for complications for women who give birth in the late 30s or 40s. Some of these are stillbirth, miscarriage, gestational diabetes, premature delivery, chromosomal abnormalities, etc. Apart from this, women who become pregnant after 40 bears the risk of getting preeclampsia. However, according to Alan Parker, a medical director from Pennsylvania and a biology dissertation help provider, commented, despite all the risks involved, not every woman who gets pregnant after thirty-five, faces a problem during pregnancy.

Pregnant After 35

Here’s what you must-do if you are planning to get pregnant after thirty-five:

Live a healthy life

Although there are many age-related reasons behind fertility decline, you should always make efforts to live a healthier life. You cannot control your age, but there are things that you can still control.  For example, you should

Visit your doctor

If you are planning to get pregnant after 35, you should visit your doctor and do a pre-conception checkup as soon as possible. The healthcare professional will provide you with the best prenatal vitamin. Other than this, you need to know about the exercises that are safe for you, the perfect diet for you, and the activities that you must avoid in the coming days.

Watch your fertility signs

By keeping a tab on your fertility signs, you can learn much about your body. You can figure out the best time to have intercourse when you are trying to conceive. Other than this, you can also discover whether you are regularly ovulating. You can also figure out if you are having the symptoms of pregnancy when you become familiar with your fertility.

Learn about your birthing options

You might think that, due to the higher risk of birth and other complications, the best birthing option for you is a Cesarean. However, you should learn about all the options available for you. You can go for a C-section only if it is medically necessary.

Pregnant After 35

Stay updated with your vaccinations

You must make sure that you are up to date with each one of your immunizations. You can consult your doctor regarding this and learn about the vaccinations you should get.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself

You should also go easy on yourself. Take a break and rest when you are exhausted or too tired. You might feel like continuing your routine even when you are pregnant. But, you should get all the rest you need to be healthy.


It might not be easy to get pregnant after 35, but it is not impossible. Knowing the right information and taking the right actions will help you make your plan a success. Just use the information provided above and carefully plan your pregnancy.


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