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Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s Celebrate with a Chemical Free Baby Wipes Giveaway

March 8th is International Women’s Day across the globe.

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This day is celebrated in order to showcase all of the achievements women have accomplished throughout history. I believe it is important to showcase and support our fellow women’s businesses and blogs out there in any way that we can. We are all trying hard to make it and get our products and writing out there, so today take some time to do that. Read a blog, buy local, visit Etsy, download a free printable, repin a pin on Pinterest. Today I am focusing on a company that I have followed throughout the past year and loving their products, who recently rebranded. They are called Bets and Emy. 

Bets and Emy have chemical free wipes that are made of 99.9% water and .1% citrus. Many moms use baby wipes for things other than just cleaning a baby bottom  – cleaning their face, wiping up spilled food, boogers, etc. But did you ever consider the chemicals that are in regular baby wipes? The list of chemicals is disturbing! I had been using regular baby wipes as my makeup remover when I first heard about chemical free wipes. Not until I realized there was a different, did I start doing some research and then ordering right away!

Watch this video:


Once I switched over to the chemical free wipes, my face was still getting clean but there was not tingly feeling or dryness from the wipes. It is something you wouldn’t realize until you had them in comparison. Using wipes as makeup remover should be just as safe as using it for wiping your babies bottom. Did you know that in the first year you change diapers 3,000 times? That is a lot of wipes and chemicals that you would be wiping your child with.




-Chemical Free

-No Fragrances or oils

-Made in the USA

-99.9% Water

.1% Citrus Extract


Are you ready to buy now? Click here.


In celebration of International Women’s Day , we have a wonderful giveaway for you too!



We are giving away a combo kit for the giveaway.  2 60ct. packs, and 2 travel packs! Click the picture to enter!





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