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3 Quick Tips for Giving Flowers as a Gift

Flowers have always attracted people with their unimaginably intricate designs, dazzling colors, and, of course, alluring odor. In Ancient Greece, flowers were even special in the belief they belonged to the Gods. Surely, nowadays one doesn’t have to be an Aphrodite or any other ancient Greek God to be presented with flowers.

And yet, they are mostly given to those who you love and cherish. Whether you are going to make a close person happy with a magnificent bouquet on their housewarming, Valentine’s Day, birthday, or any other event, you will find a perfect variant at the Brisbane florist. Even if your close one lives far away, they can get the gift with the help of the florist’s delivery service.

Everything is prepared for your convenience. However, before you hurry to order a picturesque bunch of flowers for that special person, have a look at these tips for giving flowers as a gift. They will help you make the right choice every time you are to select flowers.

Flowers always attract people with their intricate designs, dazzling colors & smell. Here's a few quick tips on giving flowers as a gift.


Choosing Flowers Based on Colors

Every color has an individual meaning. Depending on the message you want to send with the blooms, choose the right hue. For instance, red-colored flowers represent desire, deep love, and passion. Hence, they are excellent variants for lovers and spouses. Red roses are especially beautiful accompanied by White baby’s breath. They add a touch of romance to the bouquet.

  • Pink blooms speak of gentleness, femininity, innocence, and unconditional love such as to your mother or sister. Therefore, pink carnations are normally included in floral arrangements as a symbol of love.
  • If you want to bring a sincere smile to your friend’s or a colleague’s face, give them floral arrangements with blue blooms. Such gifts will tell the recipient to calm down and enjoy life with all its highs and lows. The blue color in the flowers stands for tranquility and peace.
  • Did you know why bridal bouquets are formed with white flowers? The color represents innocence and purity, hence white flowers are widely incorporated in religious ceremonies including weddings, christening, and funerals.
  • Would you like to bring sun and light to a person dear to you even when it’s pouring hard outdoors? Choose a flower arrangement with yellow blooms. This color in flowers symbolizes happiness and joy.

giving flowers as a gift

Choosing Flowers Based on Their Meaning

When making a flower gift, take into consideration the recipient’s culture if you don’t want to accidentally offend them. You see, in many countries such as Poland and Sweden, there’s an old tradition to give flowers in odd numbers while in other countries white colors represent death. By sending white lilies, carnations, or other blooms to Norwegians and the Dutch, you will greatly insult them.

Giving flowers for no reason to an African recipient can create so many various emotions in a person. The blooms will raise their mood, bring a warm smile on their face, or even make them cry with the joy of your thoughtfulness, cause these people are used to exchange flowers only on Christmas, weddings, and funerals.

3 Helpful Tips for Giving Flowers as a Gift

Sending Flowers to a Man

Believe it or not, most men would like to get a flower gift even if they don’t confess it. With a little creativity and the right approach, you can make a fantastic floral gift to a male recipient. Just take into account some facts. For instance, when does he usually send flowers? On birthdays? Or perhaps just to say “I’m sorry”? Most likely, that is when he’d like to get flowers himself.

Men generally prefer practical gifts. Hence, order a bouquet in a pencil cup or a coffee mug he can use later.

When choosing flower arrangements for a man, opt for more modern styles and vibrant colors. Incorporate golf balls if he’s a golfer or a CD with his beloved music. He’ll love it, be sure.



Flower gifts are timeless, they will never appear old fashioned or boring. The more one receives flowers, the more he becomes attracted and wants to get more. This is the magic of flowers, why not use it?!



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