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Helping Lower Back Pain with a Portable Massage Device 

As a working mom who stands all day long, my back is the one paying for it. I have tried chiropractors, different shoes, not standing as much, massages from my husband – but nothing works. I tried icy hot patches from the pharmacy, but those did not do much either.

While searching Amazon and Google, I found a company called AccuMed that makes some amazing products that are portable to help people like me! The product, Portable Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager offers an easy way to set up your at home pain reliever.

This product is easy to use. The directions are very straight forward. The Electronic Pulse Massager took about 10-15 minutes to charge and it was able to be used for at least an hour and the battery still was not dead. It was also very easy to put together. I was able to do it by looking at the pictures.


There are different levels that you can put on for the pulse to apply to the area with pain. I did the lowest level and it still had a great effect. It kind of feels like little pings but they don’t hurt, it was just strange at first because you are not expecting it. There are a few different choices of massage type on there as well so if one setting is not your favorite, then you can pick a different one.

How nice is this to be able to have this in your house instead of having to go to a specialist every time to get this type of comfort? When I come home from work I can just put this on my back and keep it on while I am cooking dinner. It gives me relief and I am still able to be with my family.

No need to take any time away from them to be visiting doctors offices or taking off time from work to make an early doctor appointment. No need to spend extra money on co-pays for my doctors once a week, because we all know that adds up quickly.

If you are a busy, working mom like me who is always on your feet, AccuMed’s Portable Massager will help you get through your daily pains throughout your body.



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