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How Military Families Can Save This Month for Veterans Day 

November is an important month when we are celebrating our military members. There will be many companies celebrating our military community this month by helping military families save more money.  Like my partner Verizon!  We love to always share with you about amazing companies that help military families like ours save money, especially during the month of Veteran’s Day. Read on to see how you can save some money!

Save on Unlimited plan

The first way that Verizon is helping military families save this month is through their unlimited plan. The most important thing for families when switching to the unlimited plan with Verizon is that you never have to worry about any overage charges again. As a military family, you spend a lot of time on the phone or computer because we live away from our family and friends. So, having no fear of overage charges is a game changer! Between kids and service members being on the same plan, it is important to be able to access more without paying more for it. Mix and Match starts at just $30/line.


Get $200 off Samsung

Another great deal this month for military families is that if you are an android user, you can save $200 on select Samsung devices with your military discount! With the select choices of Samsung phones, you can buy one and get another! Also, when you buy a Samsung Smartphone, you can save $100 on a Galaxy Watch.

That’s an awesome deal and you can add the monthly payments to your Verizon bill easily to finish paying it off. Don’t want a watch? They have another great deal. The holidays are coming by the way, so if you buy an Android phone, save $150 on a tablet. Buy yourself a new phone and then get a great discount on a tablet for a family member as a holiday gift. 

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Get Your Wireless or Fios discount

Did you know that you can get a discount for just being a military member? There is a quick survey for you to fill out when you go to the Verizon website and you will go through Milvet ID to confirm. Definitely worth the discount on your wireless or Fios bill! Make sure to fill out the quick registration to and they will email you to let you if you’re all set. From there you can decide if you want the discount to be with wireless or Fios. 


Disney +, Hulu and ESPN+ 

Have you accessed Disney+, Hulu or ESPN+ before? If not, this is your chance! With an unlimited plan on Verizon, you can access these together! So instead of paying money for each of these services monthly, increasing your cell phone plan can help you save money because these are included in your plan. 


$75 of in-game content on Verizon

Do you love playing games? One of the games, World of Warships, has some perks through Verizon. Access monthly perks with premium account status plus two premium warships, which is a $75 value. If you are big into video games or have a child or spouse who is, this is a really amazing game that they can play. Log in to your Verizon account and get a one-time game code to play on a desktop. Virtual Fleet Week starts 11.9.20, so you can start the week by celebrating with this great game. 

November is an important month when we are celebrating our military members and Veterans Day. Read on to see how you can save some money!

Apple music with select unlimited plans

Do you have an iPhone and love streaming music? Apple Music is the place for you! But why continue to pay for another streaming service monthly when you could just access it from your Verizon wireless plan. With over 60 million songs to select from, it is the perfect service to benefit from just having the unlimited plan. 


Need help on Verizon? VA Video Connect!

If you are in need of getting healthcare but have limited accessibility to coming and going, Verizon is working with the US Department of Veteran Affairs to help improve the health of Veterans by expanding clinical care beyond just going to the office, especially if they are unable to. 


Matching Donations for Wounded Warrior Project

Verizon is matching donations to the Wounded Warrior Project up to $250,000! It is such a great way for Verizon to give back to military families that they will match that much money in donations to an amazing cause. It just shows another amazing way that Verizon gives back to the military community.

Here is a list of some companies that offer military discounts to show appreciation for their commitment. You can get everything from home services to mobile phones to pet care supplies at a discounted rate. Both veterans and active-duty personnel can take advantage of these discounts.


Verizon has so many options for military families this month that can help you save money. Check out all of the great ways that they are trying to help out your family. They are putting our military first and being recognized for it. Year after year they are recognized as Top 10 Military Friendly Employer, Top 10 Military Friendly Spouse Employer, and #1 Military Friendly Company for the third straight year! After reading this article, you can definitely see why and they continue to be the best place to work for veterans and military spouses. I know as a military family this is huge for us and we appreciate the dedication that they have to focusing on the military community. 

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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