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How to Clean and Sanitize Your Kids ‘ Toys

Kids have a ton of energy and could play around with their toys day and night if it weren’t for other things to keep them distracted.

Even so, kids aren’t particularly afraid to get dirty and drag their toys all over the floor, on walls, or basically wherever they feel like it. The problem with this issue arises when they try to stick the toys in their mouths.

While, as a parent, you might’ve tried several times to teach them the opposite, it probably rarely works. And even if they don’t stick the toys in their mouth, they might touch their face, eyes, or mouth with their hands without washing them first. Therefore, maintaining clean and sanitized toys is crucial. Let’s get on with the tips depending on the type of toy.

In the time of cleaning everything, another important thing is to clean our kids' toys. Here are some tips for safely cleaning kids' toys!

How to Clean Plush & Stuffed Kids’ Toys

The problem with plus and stuffed toys is that their material attracts a lot of dust and can hold germs for an impressive amount of time. With that said, it’s no wonder why you should clean them on a regular basis, especially if you get regular visits from your kid’s friends who also play with them. 

Fortunately, you can clean these pretty easily using baby shampoo and water. You can also clean them in the washing machine, but you’ll have to use the gentle cycle so that their material doesn’t get damaged.  Also worth noting is that you should wrap all the toys in a cloth when placing them in a washing machine. This will help contain the mess if any of their materials get loose. After cleaning, leave them to air dry, preferably in the sun.

How to Clean Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

Since these “toys” will inevitably stay a lot in your baby’s mouth, it’s a necessity to clean them as often as you possibly can. While you can clean them by hand with proper solutions, it’s far easier to toss them in a dishwasher with the sanitize option turned on.

Just one more thing you should note. We recommend avoiding regular dishwashing detergent, as they contain a load of chemicals that can affect your baby. Instead, you should buy safe products to assure the toys get proper cleaning without your baby suffering nasty side effects.


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How to Clean Plastic Kids’ Toys

Plastic toys come in all shapes and sizes and can hold germs for hours. As long as they don’t operate on batteries, you can easily clean them with warm or hot water and some soap. If they do come with batteries, we recommend thoroughly scrubbing them with a clean cloth, then with rubbing alcohol, and then once again with a clean cloth. Leave them to air dry for a couple of hours before letting your kid use them again.

How to Clean Silicone and Rubber Kids’ Toys

The problem with silicone and rubber toys is that kids can throw them at the wall without breaking them. Because of this, many children tend to throw them wherever they can, and they often end up under the bed, where they can pick up a ton of germs. You should prepare a bucket with warm water and some baby shampoo or natural disinfectant. Place them in the bucket, let them soak for about half an hour, and then clean them up using a toothbrush or a cloth. Once that’s done, rinse them with clean water and let them air dry.

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The Bottom Line

Now you know how to keep your children safe from the dangers of germs and bacteria with the simple cleaning methods provided above. It’s simple and it won’t cost you much. Good luck!


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