How My Birth Plan Went Wrong Due to COVID

A story of an Indian mother

I once heard a very touching phrase that motherhood is a behavior. It does not matter if you have given birth to your child; you would always love and care for a baby no matter that it belongs to. I have always appreciated the love, care and sacrifices of my mother she has made for me and for our family. Every mother has struggled in their lives in their own way; however, new-age mothers are also having hard times, especially at the time when the risk the highly contagious virus Covid exists.

This is just one, the world consists of millions of such story. This is a story of an Indian mother who was in her last trimester during the time when the first lockdown was imposed in the country back in March 2020 due to high spread of coronavirus all over the world.

When one mom's birth plan went totally wrong because of COVID, it is a story worth documenting. Read her story.

The good feeling and the darkness thereafter

In the first place, it was her first baby experience as she got married last year. The feeling of carrying an unborn child in your womb was indeed special for her. And why not? It is a feeling that lasts for a specific period of time. When you realize how special this feeling is, of carrying your child, you don’t care about being uncomfortable and other pains.

She was just enjoying this pleasurable feeling as she was in the mid of her final trimester but as we know not all things go as we plan them. Covid was spreading like fire in the forest due to which the Indian government decided to impose a lockdown. The delivery due date was near, fortunately, I had supplies for a few more days but those few days hit me like a road bump.

Everything was ok but deep down she was quite stressed and worried due to the prevailing circumstances then, the covid was spreading like anything and the thought of its infection in her family was one issue she was tensed about. And then one fine night, her water bag burst 10 days before the due date. This situation was more like a typical Indian movie scene. All problems come at once. Due to the covid scare, the family was double-minded to take her to the hospital, but the pain was increasing with each passing minute. The pain of the thought of losing the baby, and the mother.

The emotional breakdown and the savior

“Please save my baby at any cost,” She requested her husband with tearful eyes and cracking voice. Her tears tear-up the family as they saw a lady who never cried even when she left her home after her wedding. However, they could not risk taking them to the hospital because the risk of covid infection was quite high at that time. Her husband called the gynecologist her wife was seeing.

She suggested them to bring the wife to her home as she could not think of anything else. Since the doctor was seeing the patients only in the hospital, she could not risk bringing the lady in-labor at the hospital premises due to infection risk. Her husband carried her in his arms as he was trembling in fear and got her seated in the car.


A typical Bollywood inspired scene

For a person who only cried while watching Titanic’s climax, it was indeed horrifying to feel losing her baby. She was unconscious and her man was trying to keep her awake. He drove the car to the doctor’s house. But could she manage to deliver the baby without any issue? Well, they could only pray. The doctor rested her on the bed and asked the nurse to put some injections on her. Within the span of one hour, the doctor delivered a healthy baby, however, the mother stayed unconscious for the next few hours. But when she woke up, she was head over heels happy to see the baby.

When she locked her eyes with her husband, she saw how scared and happy he was at the same time. Next few days went like a blink of an eye with the happiness and the story of how the baby entered the world.

how my birth plan went wrong in covid

A lesson for life

We all want everything in our lives to go as we plan it, or in a good way, however, this circumstance changed my whole perspective regarding life and happenings. Things don’t always go as we plan, we might lose people through our way to success and happiness but, we must always remember what happens is for good and if your intentions are good, then no one can snatch our loved ones from you even if scenarios suggest that they will.

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Author’s take

This was I story that I came across during the initial Covid lockdown stage and this one formed more respect in my mind for all the parents who sacrifice so much, bare so much and still don’t complain or ask for a favor in return. Next time you have a fight with your parents, never say, “What have you ever done for us” because if they tell, you would not believe or be able to digest.



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