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How to Pamper Yourself After Giving Birth

The period of postpartum feels like your life in a roller coaster. You face both ups and downs at the same moment. To Pamper yourself after giving birth isn’t an easy task, especially, when it’s your first child you go through a lot of depression and anxiety attacks because at that moment you are facing the weakest side of your soul. Nothing lasts forever so don’t worry you’ll come over this situation within 6 weeks or less.

Resting in postpartum isn’t enough; there are some majors that you should follow obediently. It is highly recommended to drink a lot of water in postpartum, specifically more than the daily flow of water goes inside your body. It is because you lose a lot of blood and cells at the time of birth, so it is compulsory to recover your organs.

It’s fine if you are having a continuous vaginal discharge. Yes, it happens, so you don’t need to get panic about that. Use sanitary pads to stop the bleeding, and remember one thing! Don’t use any home remedy to stop the bleeding or try to recover yourself early or you’ll end-up another six weeks on your bed.

Below are some tips that will help you to know how to pamper yourself after giving birth.

Pamper yourself after giving birth isn't an easy task especially when it's your first child. Here are some tips about how to pamper yourself.

Your Husband as a postpartum doula

No one can become a better postpartum doula than your husband. Whether you hire a professional caring nurse or your mother stands there for you. The husband is the only person who stays with her wife from the first day of pregnancy until the last day of postpartum. No one can pamper you better than your husband in this situation.

When your husband is at work, so you have to hire or call out for someone, who could help you with your activities in postpartum.


Invest in comfy pajamas

Your body suffers a lot of pain at the time of birth, and it takes not just days or weeks, but more than a month to recover. Get some silky underwear and comfy pajamas so you will feel good in the postpartum period. Wearing tight clothes in the postpartum period is not recommended. Invest in acceptable garments that will make you go through the postpartum period without any hassle.


Get a Massage

Every part of the body is affected at the time of the delivery. Get yourself a body massage daily before going to bed. At night you don’t have to do anything so it is the best time for relaxing your soul. An oily massage gives you strength which is a good way of pampering yourself. If you can spare the time, you could look at getting a massage with a professional massage therapist. Two of the most popular techniques are Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. There are a few key differences between them but in general, Swedish massage deals with surface level tension, whereas deep tissue is more intense; so which you choose would very much depend on your preferred style.

getting a massage

Get in style

Escape for a salon, and get a nice blowout. Mark the ending dates of postpartum, till then you’ll be enough able to stand on your feet. Ask a friend to join you and get a manicure and pedicure which is a great step of pampering yourself.

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Coffee under the stars

Grab a cup of coffee with your husband at night and go on the rooftop. Enjoy the beauty of the stars while smelling the cool air. The night air smells generally more pure and clean. It’s good for the immune system, as well as you’ll come over your anxiety.


Late-night cravings

Late-night cravings are the best ways of creating happiness. Order a pizza and enjoy it with your homies or call-out our friends late at night and throw a late-night craving party. Not every day will be good, but once a week it surely has to be done.

pregnant woman late night snacking

Binge-watch Netflix

You can pamper yourself after giving birth by Binge-watching the shows that you’ve been waiting for long. Now is the time to cover all the series that you’ve been waiting for so long to watch. Sit down on a sofa and grab a bucket of popcorn and a glass of juice and start your show.

pregnant mom watching netflix on couch

Hot Shower

Get in a hot bathtub. Add some rose petals in the tub and make it luxurious. Stay in for long and let your soul enjoy the soothing of warm water. Use a perfumed soap on your body so you would smell nice for the whole day.


Eat Healthy Food

Treat yourself with raw fruits and vegetables. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Your body needs more and more energy in the postpartum period. Eat less meat and junk food, avoid alcoholic drinks, and try to eat raw vegetables because once they are cooked they lose more than half of their nutrients.


In a Nutshell

Giving birth is the second most painful activity in the world. Whether it’s the women’s first child or the second, the pain that a mother faces is unimaginable. Every husband should pamper her wife because she passes through a lot of pain. Take care of her wife from the first day of pregnancy and especially in the postpartum period. Treat her by bringing chocolates and giving her small gifts which makes a person day.


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