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How to Create a Homework Station for Your Kids

Creating a good space for kids to work on their homework is vital to their success, both in an out of school. You can help by setting up a homework station to give them a special spot where they know they will have the tools and space to get their work done. Check out these tips and ideas for creating a homework station for your kids.

Find the Right Space

The first step is to find the right space. Depending on how old they are and how much help they might need, the spot can be in their room where they have some privacy and can get away from the activity of the household or it can be in a communal room such as the kitchen or the family room.


The Set Up

In order to get their work done, kids need a desk, a comfortable chair, and space for books, a computer or laptop, and caddies and trays to keep things organized. If you teach them to stay organized at home, they will do the same at school: later in life, they will do it at work. A rolling chair is a good idea. It makes the kids feel grown up, and they can easily move around if they have to get supplies or move away from their papers or computer.


Make Sure to Keep It Comfortable

Room temperature is also essential to productive homework. No matter where you put the homework station, the kids need to have a comfortable room temperature in order to stay focused. Make sure to have regular HVAC maintenance to help keep your home heating and ventilation system working efficiently and to keep it working properly throughout the year. Have a licensed contractor come in to service your system and even check the air quality to make sure your family is breathing clean air.


Stock up on Supplies

Fill all the storage containers and caddies at the workstation with the essentials the kids will need to get their work done. What you need will depend on their ages. Younger kids will need scissors, glue, colored paper, and drawing utensils such as crayons or markers and colored pencils. The older kids, even though they will most likely use a computer for most of their work, they will still need some lined paper along with pens and pencils. Make sure to stock up on pencils with good erasers along with pens.

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Leave space for healthy snacks. Most kids come home after school hungry, and if they start right in on their homework when they get home from school, they will need brain food. Provide small things such as crackers or cut up fruit that they can munch on as they get settled, and provide enough so they can keep snacking while they work.

These tips should help create the ultimate homework station for your kids. Remember to make sure you can keep the temperature at a comfortable level so they can concentrate on homework and not the fact that they are hot or cold.



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