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How To Create The Perfect Home Gym

As our lifestyles are becoming more and more chaotic, it gets difficult to make time for keeping our bodies in shape. Joining a gym isn’t always the most practical way to achieve a healthy lifestyle and creating an indoor or outdoor gym on your property is perhaps the more convenient alternative. With no monthly memberships and the ability to exercise without any judgement are just two perks of exercising at home. Designing a home gym to perfection can make it easy to achieve fitness goals by eliminating any room for excuses and by creating a personal fitness environment. With professional décor elements such as gym wall mirror or some eco tech neon light you can really help develop the essence of a professional gym within the comfort of your home.


We all make excuses for not exercising, the travel distance and timing are perhaps the most common hurdles to a healthy life. These excuses often become the inspiration for creating a home gym having all the facilities and amenities of the outdoor gym. Nothing can be compared to the convenience and comfort of exercising at home where privacy can be maintained and fitness goals can be accomplished. In contrast to the cost of hiring a personal trainer and buying a gym membership, setting up a home gym is often the more economical option in the long run. Not to forget, a home gym also pays back through better fitness and solidifies habits conducive to a healthier lifestyle.

As our lifestyles are becoming more and more chaotic, it gets difficult to stay in shape. Time to get started on creating the perfect home gym. Here's how.


Things to know when creating a home gym

Creating a home gym can be made easy with the right set of directions and a solid approach. Knowing the essential requisites and considerations for setting up a home gym simplifies the process and speeds up the result. On the other hand, creating a home gym by neglecting the fundamental considerations relating to space, flooring, and equipment often leads to disastrous results.

Home gym setup


Space Requisite

Space Requisite

For creating a home gym, there are some basic space requisites one needs to comply with to achieve pleasing results. Many homeowners think setting up a home gym is a major renovation project and requires a special room or a specific place. However, in truth, a spare bedroom or a finished basement is all one needs to set up a cool and modern home gym. It is never the room that makes the home gym unique but the presence of contemporary décor elements such as gym wall mirror and their proper arrangement.

There are no hard and fast rules for the room type but there are some essential space requisites such as adequate clearance space that one needs to abide by. Every gym equipment has its own clearance space needs. For instance, a treadmill requires about 6-7 feet space on the backside and 1 and a half feet space on either side.

So, it is essential to make sure there is an adequate workout space and the pieces of equipment are not jammed into one another. There are lots of contemporary gym equipment such as wall mount power racks that can also be used for better workout experience in home gyms set up in daily use spaces such as a garage.

Flooring Requisite

flooring Requisite

Next to space, the flooring requisite holds the utmost importance. Nobody wants to experience a broken floor in a home gym. Weights can break the plywood or can severely damage the concrete flooring. Hence, it is recommended to always disperse the weights and to make sure no single point is overly loaded. Alternatively, rubber mats provide an ultimate solution for this loading concern and allow the fitness enthusiasts to exercise without having to worry about damaging the flooring.

These contemporary rubber mats can handle all kinds of equipment and weights and are also easy to clean and simple to maintain. This is also the perfect choice of flooring material for home gyms set up on higher floors as it perfectly insulates the sound and causes no nuisance to the people living underneath.

Resale Requisite

Resale Requisite

Considering the impact of a gym on the home resale value is also important for homeowners planning on setting up a home gym. Not everyone is a fitness enthusiast and not everyone wants the luxury of a gym in their living space. That’s the reason why it is important to select a home gym layout that is customizable and doesn’t adversely impact the geometry of the living space. In addition to this, it is admirable to use elements that are appealing and attractive to make sure there is something to like for everyone.

Equipment Requisite

Equipment Requisite

There are also some equipment requisites homeowners need to keep in mind for setting up a home gym conducive to a healthy lifestyle. It is better to invest more and successfully achieve fitness goals rather than to invest too little and workout half-heartedly. Buying elegant and professional workout equipment is essential to reciprocate the gist of a professional gym and workout efficiently. The equipment not only includes the workout machines but also includes the décor elements such as large wall mirrors. Maintaining focus and high concentration levels is key to productive fitness results and elements such as mirrors help build the essential focus and fill the void of a personal trainer.

There are so many different home gym equipment that it can get overwhelming on what to purchase. Treadmill? Elliptical?  Weights? Where do I begin? Don’t fret! We found the perfect one for you AND it is a great price. The Finer Form Multi-Functional Bench for Full All-in-One Body Workouts is great for a variety of different workouts and can be used to strengthen, tone and isolate problem areas such as your glutes, lower back, abdominals and obliques. Luckily, you can hit all of the problem stops with this one single machine. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much room in your home. The online price is $144.89, which is less than 2-3 months of a gym membership!

Not sure what type of exercises to do with the Roman Chair? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Each photo below shows the different ways to use the machine. Plus, Finer Form even wrote out a detailed article on the 5 Best Exercises for the Roman Chair.

finer form equipment for exercising at home

The Significance of a Gym Wall Mirror

Significance of a Gym Wall Mirror

Many fitness enthusiasts fail to realize the importance of a large wall mirror in the fitness space and home gym. However, it has been proven that the presence of a wall mirror helps maintain focus during the workout and leads to better fitness results. A mirror gives the individual a focal point to aim at and it’s also a great source for identifying and rectifying issues in posture.

The Final Verdict

Working out in the right way and perfect alignment is key to better results and gym wall mirrors perfectly serve the purpose of a fitness trainer or an exercise buddy. Experiencing your body reacts to different modes of exercising and witnessing constructive results is perhaps the greatest source of motivation. That’s the reason every professional gym has an elegant large wall mirror and that’s the same reason why a home gym can never be made whole in the absence of a wall gym mirror.

As our lifestyles are becoming more and more chaotic, it gets difficult to stay in shape. Time to get started on creating the perfect home gym. Here's how.

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  1. I really need a home gym in my house. Would help me so much in the middle of the week. and I cant use it as an excuse that I cant get to the gym

  2. Such great tips for having a home gym. My husband has one out in his little man cave/casita he built since he works from home. It’s a little crammed though and there’s definitely no room for a mirror. He has a bench, weights, bike and some climber thing that seem to do the trick! I can’t work out at home. I need fitness classes at lifetime 😉

  3. I don’t have the time to get to the gym, and this would be perfect for me. We are trying to redo our basement and I will have to keep these ideas in mind.

  4. I love the idea of having a home gym! I’ll never make the time to actually go to a gym regularly, so this would be ideal if I had the space. Maybe one day! Thanks for the great tips!

  5. Love this post! I don’t have a gym membership right now bc it’s so hard with hectic schedule and little ones! This is so great

  6. This is timely. Due to the COVID issue, my husband and I decided to avoid hitting the gym for the mean time. Instead we’re planning to create a small home gym instead so I am just so happy to stumble upon your post. Thank you for sharing these tips. We totally forgot about getting a mirror. Thanks for the reminder.

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