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Tell-tale Signs It’s Time To Get New Blinds






When you start noticing certain things about your blinds, you will know it is time for a new set. Even though you may have been putting it off for a while, there are some things you just can’t ignore, like when they keep coming down after you have tugged the chord a million times.


The frustration that broken blinds can put people through is not surprising. Maybe you are wondering if the time has come and your blinds need replacing.  If this is the case, you will definitely know after you finish reading this article. You will discover the key signs within this article, so if they are getting to that stage, you can start looking for new sets.


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Signs Your Blinds Need An Upgrade


  • If you have replaced your windows – Have you recently installed new windows? If this is the case, your blinds may need to be replaced. You want your windows to stay looking brand-new and fresh; getting new blinds will do this. Also, the depth or width of the window may have changed. This is another important reason for you to purchase a new set of blinds.


  • You can’t raise them – When you are struggling to raise the blinds to let the light of day in, you know it’s time to buy new ones. It means the mechanism is weakening and could be broken. If this is the case, there is pretty much nothing you can do unless you want to get super fiddly. In most cases it’s just easier to buy replacement blinds.


  • The cords are fraying – Frayed cords can mean that the blinds are starting to wear away with the use. It could be once again the mechanism that is causing the strings to take on more pressure. Either way, this is a sure-fire sign they will need replacing.


  • Discolouration – When the slats are no longer the shade they once were, it is a sign they are getting old. You want to keep the room looking fresh and having old-looking blinds which have lost their colour will not do you any favours.


  • Slats remain half-open – Another key sign is when you try to close the slats, they remain open and do not shut fully. If you are seeing gaps where you didn’t before, it may mean you will have to go blind shopping again.


  • You’re just not feeling them anymore – Maybe the décor has been updated and the blinds now look out of place. Either way, if you’re not feeling them you’re not feeling them. It’s a great idea to update and go shopping for a new set.


Now you will definitely know if the blinds have reached their sell-by date. It’s in with the new and out with the old. Don’t be too precious about blinds as you will be super pleased when a fresh set come your way.

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