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How to Prepare Your Wardrobe For the Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and no matter how much will love hot cocoa, cinnamon rolls, and Christmas décor, it’s time to get the wardrobe fully equipped. This mainly signalizes organizing and decluttering it, however, things could be more serious and challenging that mere sorting out. When it comes to preparing your wardrobe for the winter there are numerous things to consider.

Firstly, you ought to put away all your summery clothes and perhaps throw out old stuff and donate something to charity if you’re no longer going to use it, and only then start the “dirty” work related to wardrobe setup. Sounds impossible? Luckily, here you have a thorough guide on how to adequately prepare your wardrobe for winter time and save yourself the stress and time.

here you have a thorough guide on how to adequately prepare your wardrobe for winter time and save yourself the stress and time.

Stack all the items first


First things first, to get the general idea of how much items you really have, want, and need, you need to arrange your wardrobe neatly. Some of those items could have been lying around unnoticeable, and unless you find the “purpose” for them, your wardrobe will always look messy and cluttered. Hence, the trick is to first get all the things out, sit down and slowly start sorting out things you wish to keep and putting aside items you no longer need or the winter clothes that no longer fit.

Also, select the summer clothes and put them in a suitcase and stash them away for a few months. This will give you loads of new free storage space for your new winter coats. In the end, stack all the items in a clear wintry arrangement such as placing all knitted dresses and jumpers together, hanging coats and jackets, and placing scarves and hats in drawers, etc.

How to Prepare Your Wardrobe For the Winter

Wash, select, and throw


Once you have taken everything out of your wardrobe and stacked the wintry clothes you wish to keep, you need to thoroughly wash them as they have probably been tucked away all year long in some dark corner. Be very attentive when washing winter clothes though. Materials such as wool or cashmere need special cleaning care, and it’s advisable to use only natural products such as hypoallergenic, Eco-friendly washing powder.

If you don’t know where to find such quality products, click here to find out more. Next, go through other things, select them, and check if they don’t suit you anymore or inspect whether they are faulty or not, and simply throw them away. Avoid keeping clothes you no longer wear for sentimental reasons, and rather re-purpose them.


Sharing is caring, so donate


Getting your wardrobe sorted out for the winter represents an ideal chance to get rid of some clothes you no longer wish to wear. Even though people get too attached to certain clothing items, the thing is that you should be realistic and give out things that you cannot wear anymore or find no purpose for. The moment you start unpacking, sorting out, and preparing for winter, prepare a bag for donation.

You would feel like a huge weight has taken down from your back when you give clothes for donation rather than merely throwing things away. What’s more, donating stuff that are still good and undamaged but no longer fitting will give you loads of extra space in your wardrobe for stacking clothes for the colder periods that’s coming.


Organize your jackets and coats


Among many things you need to take into consideration for winter, getting and cleaning your winter jackets and coats is your number one priority. Hopefully you have nicely stored your jackets during spring and summer in the proper manner, in a clean bag and softly tucked away somewhere where it’s not damp or moist.

Some jackets you ought to wash, but some delicate ones such as fleece jackets you just need to spray with protective products to repel water and snow from soaking in. Get proper hangers and steam iron them and hang them gently in the wardrobe. This will ensure the jackets and coats do not lose their form. 


Store your summer clothes


After carefully selecting your winter clothes and putting aside things you don’t find any use of, the time has come to tackle the summer clothes. The niftiest thing you can possibly get is a vacuum bag where you can neatly place all the summer clothes and put them away either up in the wardrobe, under the bed, or in the closet.

The vacuum bag is hermetically sealed to provide maximum protection from dust, moisture, and insects. This is utterly vital especially if the clothes need to stay in that bag for longer than three months. Also, try to choose a storage place with low humidity such as the attic or garage.


Sort out the wintry clothes you already have


After you have got rid of things you don’t need and stored the summer clothes away, take inventory of what you have and what you need to buy for the winter. Finally, this is the fun part. If you strive to get ready for the upcoming winter in the most practical and ready-to-go manner, the secret is to compose around ten outfits that you could work with at any given moment.

Piece together some items you are positive they look good on you in order to have a simple but cozy outfit ready. This will save you loads of time when getting ready for work and avoid your wardrobe looking messy. If you see you are missing a new pair of jeans, a suede skirt to go with your off-beat white wool jumper, or a nice scarf to pair up with the transitional coat, you would be able to easily buy that once you have a perfectly organized wardrobe.


Keep your wardrobe fresh


There are some strategic things you can incorporate to have your wardrobe smelling like spring even if it’s winter. Place some lavender or potpourri bags among clothes that would instantly make your wardrobe smell nice and fresh. Another option is to spray the hangers and rails with vinegar to help absorb any bad odors. Plus, you can also place a fresh bar of soap in between the clothes for additional flowery scent. If you’d prefer no smell at all and wish to rule out the misty odor, leave a small open bowl of baking soda to help absorb smells.


There you have it – a perfect guide to help you prepare your wardrobe for the winter. Play some catchy tunes and get down to business to get everything ready before the winter hits hard.


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