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How to Stay Fit and Healthy in Summer

Are you ready to combat those extra pounds and feel ready to wear your bikini again, well it’s almost summer and it’s time to feel fit! Feeling fit and strong combats tiredness and sluggish feelings. It is great for you and it’s also really important to keep motivated and positive when it comes to your workout routine. Having a routine is key if you want your body to respond quickly and effectively and of course, having a healthy body will make you feel more confident in your mind and soul. So let’s start.

By feeling happy and confident you are more likely to be more productive too, whether that’s at work or in your personal life! If you want to join a gym then it’s always a good place to start but it isn’t always practical as it can be costly and sometimes there may be hidden fees involved. If you don’t want to spend money on a gym then look at buying a bicycle and doing a cycle on an evening or morning as it’s a great way to tone your legs and make you feel more confident stepping into that swimsuit.  It isn’t always about looking great for photos but it’s more about feeling healthy and strong.

Here is how to stay fit and healthy in summer. Having a healthy body will make you feel more confident in your mind and soul.

So how to stay fit and healthy in summer?

Swimming! It’s fun too!

Swimming is great cardiovascular exercise and is really simple, without affecting our muscles too much. The buoyancy of the water keeps our muscles working but without feeling it too much, so it will allow you to tone up and lose weight at the same time and it’s quite gentle generally on all areas of the body.

If you’re already a gym member and you have a pool, then take advantage of all the facilities to get your money’s worth too which is vital. Try and get into a routine with your workout as your body will start to tolerate it better. A morning workout is good to get you going for the day and also it’s great because you can do it all before work and it gives you the endorphins you need.

Have you ever had that sluggish feeling where you get up at 11 and don’t feel properly awake until the evening? That is because you are lacking that vital source of energy that is caused by exercise. Joining a gym is great and why not look at a gym buddy journal too, to make notes as you go!


Eat your way to be healthy!

Incorporating healthy foods into your diet is so important it doesn’t have to be difficult. Adding Some additional extras can be great and full of protein and vitamins. Nuts and seeds can be very good because they release slowly and last longer and are full of fibre. Have a piece of fruit as that’s also good and one of your five a day. Make your own homemade juices as that is brilliant if you want to detox a little and not eat too much.

If you’re wanting to lose weight then it’s perfect because juices are easy to digest and your body doesn’t have to do too much. Fruits are full of sugar but healthy sugars that won’t make you gain weight easily as that is what happens when we eat too many refined sugars. It’s good to know the difference.

Eating too little can be bad so never compromise but portion control is important if you want to achieve a better body. It isn’t always about what you eat, it is about how much you consume. Eat balanced food, mix up your salads with white meat and fish, and make soups and avoid stodgy foods such as cakes and potatoes. Any foods with processed sugars as they take so long to break down in the stomach and can make you feel very sluggish after eating which will make you feel tired and uncomfortable.


Good Sleep Routine is Important

Keeping a healthy mind is also important so getting your rest and having a good sleep routine is important as well as also drinking plenty of water as that flushes bad toxins away and keeps you hydrated which means you feel more awake and it’s good for weight loss too! Write all this down in a diary or notepad and plan day to day what you want to do and that way you can achieve a healthy gorgeous summer body and keep up with your fitness!

So get fit and healthy this summer, it’s time to be the best version of yourself!



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