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8 Reasons You Need an Inflatable Spa

There are weekends when you’d feel like you have a lot of extra energy to run a marathon, do all the household chores, repair the car, clean the garden, or do some digging for a more attractive backyard landscape. After a physically fulfilling day, a dip in a hot tub with massage is what your body needs.  It is the perfect reason to buy an inflatable spa that can give you comfort right within your home.

Comfort is just one of the few benefits that you get from having your own inflatable spa. Here are the other things you can gain when purchasing one.


1. It is an avenue for good hydrotherapy

One of the best health benefits of a spa is its ability to treat sprain. Doctors normally advise athletes who incur sprains to use hydrotherapy. It is described as a therapeutic whole-body treatment that includes moving and exercising in water.  Being submerged in a hot tub could relax your muscles, loosen up its stiffness, and soothe the pain. This could also help reawaken your muscle cells and put you back into another energy-challenging day.

2. It is therapeutic

The spa’s temperature is good for the body’s blood circulation. It basically helps in expelling cellular wastes from the body, an example of which is the lactic acid that is formed when you’re not fully oxygenating your muscles during a workout or an increased body activity. As a result, an increased temperature in the water could allow a speedy entry of oxygen in the cells, dissolving the acids that were formed, relaxing the constricted muscles; thus, taking away the pain. Having your own inflatable spa would allow you to make that needed recovery right in your own home.


3. It is easy to pack and transfer

Compared to the permanent in-ground or solid hot tub, an inflatable spa allows you to take it anywhere you would like to relax in and help you improve your sleep, especially when you haven’t had enough rest while beating deadlines and finalising office projects.

A better way to relax is just to take off and head on to a serene place away from the buzzing sounds of the city and then take a refreshing dip in a hot tub. But wouldn’t it be better if you can do that right in your own home?


4. Inflatable spas are more comfortable than in-ground hot tubs

Generally, a solid or in-ground hot tub gives you a sturdy feel.  The hard sides of the solid installation are not usually as rewarding as getting into a tub that would fit your contours without you having to adjust and find a more comfortable position. The cushiony surfaces make that dip all the more enticing.


5. Inflatable spas are great for parties

The fact that you can just deflate them and pack them up will allow you to have “spa” parties anywhere in your house.  With outdoor spa parties, you don’t just get to pack your meals, but you also get to carry the therapeutic-elements of an inflatable spa anywhere — just what you need after a day of hard work.


6. An inflatable spa is affordable

Unlike the in-ground type which could cost you around $15,000 to $20,000, the cost of an inflatable spa is much cheaper.   Prices vary, depending on the type and size.  The materials of a single liner and one pump unit are less costly to fabricate.  However, you don’t have to worry about their durability.  Given the right amount of treatment, the puncture-free items are worth the price.  Consider buying portable, durable, and inflatable tubs for just a few hundred bucks.


7. An inflatable spa helps reduce stress

Apart from the fact that its price won’t give you a headache, investing in an inflatable spa can relieve your stress. A tense body dipped in a warm bath will basically allow the muscles to loosen up from contraction, releasing the lactic acid from the increased activities of the day, soothing it, and relieving the pain.


8. It induces good sleep

About 70% suffer from sleeping problems, according to the National Institute of Health.  Of the total, around 43% are women who say that they feel drowsy during the day after a bad night’s sleep and that it interferes with their daytime activities.

Meanwhile, a survey in 2016 by NDTV reveals that one in every five people is sleep deprived all over the world.

An Inflatable spas temperature is controlled to an optimum level of 40 to 42 degrees Centigrade, which is enough to release endorphins, sometimes referred to as happy hormones. These diffuse into your brain, activating your satisfaction receptors; hence, making you feel relaxed and stress-free.

If you want to regularly enjoy dipping in a hot tub for relaxation, a tension-free mind, and a  healthy body—all for a fair price check out blow up spas in Australia.


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