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Lifestyle Changes To Consider At The Half Way Mark Of The Year

As we are getting towards the halfway point of the year, sometimes it’s good to look back on those new year’s resolutions we may have set ourselves. To see how we are getting on or to see if the changes we wanted to make have been acted upon. Many of us have all the best intentions to get going on things like changing your diet, being more healthy or being more active. But life can get in the way, and we can slip into old habits. So now we are at the midway point, now is a great time to restart those fabulous intentions and get back on track. The most popular thing people want to change is their lifestyle. This covers things like food, exercising and mindset. So if this is you, here’s where to start if you are considering lifestyle changes.


Look at your diet

The first way to start looking at lifestyle changes is to begin with your diet. The food we nourish our bodies with can have a lasting effect on our lifestyle. Eating too many sugary foods can have a big impact on our skin. Just like eating too many fatty foods can have an affect on our weight. So take a look at your diet and see where you need to make some changes. It’s not about putting yourself on any of those extreme diets. It’s more about fueling your body with everything it needs to survive. So consider a balanced diet. Increasing your intake of fruit, vegetables, protein and good carbohydrates is a great place to start. Try and save those sugary and fatty foods as treats.


Think about your mindset

Your mindset can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. If you find yourself having more negative thoughts, then this will impact how you feel in daily life. The best way you can start to work on your mindset is to actively think positively. This means getting rid of negativity, including anyone around you that has a damaging effect on your mind and lifestyle. It may seem like it is forced at first, and often because of that you can feel a little fake. But it is all about setting up new habits and a new way of thinking it a great approach to start with. You might also want to consider feeling grateful for the things that are going well in your life. The more gratitude that you can show, the more that you can start to appreciate your surroundings and things in your life. Which has a positive impact on your mind.


Become more active

Being active doesn’t mean pounding the gym every chance you get. It’s more about being active in general. Of course, while gym sessions are great you can equally become more active by choosing to walk places instead of driving. You can consider many different exercise options that will do different things for your body. Things like Vinyasa yoga, swimming, running or walking the dog can all have a positive effect on your general health. Make it a mission to just be more active. Start with just ten minutes a day, anyone can find that time to be more active. You can even choose to do it at home if you wish, such as using platforms like YouTube to follow along with a workout or dance routine.



Hydrate your body

We all know there is huge value in drinking more water. But yet many of us don’t drink the daily recommended allowance of two liters. It can be quite difficult to do that, but it’s all about developing the habit. Motivating yourself to drink more by having a water bottle close by is a great way to start. Hydrating your body more can have huge effects on your skin, your mood and even help you sleep better. It is surprising the effects that water can have on your body, and it can be really beneficial.


Cut out some of the bad stuff

Finally, try and cut down on some of the bad things. Drinking too much alcohol or caffeine can have a negative impact on your lifestyle. It may seem like you are getting rid of all of the things that you enjoy in your life, but we can all do these things a little less if we put our minds to it. Everything in moderation but if you find yourself drinking too much of these substances, you could be causing more harm than good.


Let’s hope this helps you to kick start your lifestyle changes and get you back on track for the rest of the year.



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  1. Oh your mind is such a powerful tool for a healthy lifestyle. This is a great reminder that I needed to read today! I desperately need to loose the baby weight but I seriously just have the most difficult little baby boy and it gets me all stressed out so I use him as an excuse for why I’m not making progress. A mindset shift is exactly what I need (and maybe some sleep?!) haha

    1. I totally get that too… and finding the balance of where you need to shift some things in your life so many some days you can get more sleep!

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