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Making Bath Time Fun with Nuby

Is bath time a struggle in your house? Bath time is not always an easy time in my household. My daughter loves to be in the bathtub but usually is a struggle to get in and out. She doesn’t want to go in and then doesn’t want to get out. This makes life super difficult for myself and my husband. We recently started looking into finding new and exciting fun toys for her to play with within the bathtub and hoped that would solve the problem of her not wanting to take a bath.

Nuby has a ton of bathtime toys! A few we found that my daughter would love were Bath Letter & Numbers and Little Squirts. Hailey is at the age that play needs to be about learning as well as having fun. I chose these two toys specifically so that we could have fun together creating words and recognizing letters and numbers. I chose the Little Squirts animals so that we could name the animals and make all their sounds together.

Bath Letters & Numbers

These are great tub toys(Nuby) for ages 18 months +. They float in the water and easily stick to the sides of the bathtub and the bath walls. This is a fun way to get kids engaged in learning and for them, it is fun to stick lots of objects to the walls of the bath. They come with all 26 letters and 10 numbers, so you have a variety of learning tools and they are very colorful. They are soft and made of foam, BPA-free. If you are using these toys with a 3-year-old like myself, here are some fun activities that you could do with them: creating words, having your child recognize the letters and numbers, counting the numbers, and putting them up on the wall as they are counting, writing their name in the letters, writing common words like mom and dad. These are great activities to do with your child at the same time as making bath time fun and engaging.


Little Squirts

These bath toys are for ages 6 months +. I thought they would be a fun toy for bath time because of how cute they are. My daughter really loves stuffed animals and since these are little fun animals she could bring into the bathtub, I figured it was a win. I was right with my assumption and she has a great time lining them up on the bathtub wall, giving them names, and making their animal noises and she uses them to talk to each other. They are BPA-free and they float in the water.


If you are looking for fun bath toys for your child, I highly recommend these products! Click here to find more!


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